The Abuse of Indian Scribbles

Thursday, 3-year-old Indian Scribbles was ambulanced off the Golden Gate track after the 6th race. Bad enough – worse, though, because this wasn’t the first time: Oak Tree June 20, “pulled up, vanned off”; Golden Gate January 16, “went wrong, vanned off.” In all, she has been put to the whip eight times, finishing last once, unable to walk off under her own power thrice. That’s called abuse. The connections throughout: Wendell McDaniel, Mary Jo Bright. The breeders who brought her into this existence: George and Mary Clare Schmitt. This is horseracing.

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  1. Yes, there is no other name other than abuse for what these people are doing to Indian Scribbles and for what the track and veterinarians are allowing to happen to the unfortunate filly.

  2. She needs to be retired in a safe and caring place. These people are emotionless shame on you!!!!!!!!!

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