Indiana’s 2014 Dead Revealed (Sort Of)

Through an “Indiana Access to Public Records Act” request, I have confirmed the following 24 deaths at Indiana Grand in 2014. Please note that the Racing Commission redacted “identifying information about the horses,” claiming it to be a matter of law.

unnamed, April 11, Indiana, training
“pastern fracture”

unnamed, May 7, Indiana, racing
“suspensory rupture/sesamoid fracture”

5-year-old Looks Like a Saint, May 9, Indiana 6
“canon bone fracture”

unnamed, May 14, Indiana, training
“EIPH – collapsed/died during training”

unnamed, May 29, Indiana, training
“fractured sesamoids”

unnamed, June 7, Indiana, training
“ruptured suspensory”

unnamed – probably 3-year-old Tricky Ricardo, June 7, Indiana 5
“fractured sesamoids”

unnamed – probably 5-year-old Dakota’s Court, June 10, Indiana 2
“fractured elbow”

unnamed, July 13
“chronic liver disease”

unnamed, July 28
“cast in stall/ankle”

unnamed, July 31, Indiana, training
“fractured knee”

unnamed, August 22
“shoulder injury – got down in the gate”

unnamed – probably 4-year-old Unbridled Blossom, August 29, Indiana 4
“knee fracture”

unnamed, September 3
“diarrhea” – last race August 26

unnamed, September 18, Indiana, training

unnamed, September 25, Indiana, racing
“sudden death/EIPH”

unnamed, October 2, Indiana, racing
“pastern fracture”

unnamed, October 3, Indiana, training
“fractured canon bone”

unnamed – probably 3-year-old Eagle Illusion, October 11, Indiana 9
“fractured canon, carpal and medial splint”

unnamed, October 14
“cecal colitis”

4-year-old Platitude, October 14, Indiana 8
“elbow or canon fracture”

4-year-old Masaru, October 14, Indiana 8
“elbow or canon fracture”

unnamed, October 23, Indiana, racing
“fracture right knee”

unnamed, November 1, Indiana, racing
“aortic rupture?”

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  1. Oh Patrick this beggars belief!
    Indiana Racing Commission’s excuse for its willful and deliberate failure to identify and give information about these dead racehorses SURE IS A MATTER OF LAW! Umhh….. methinks that the Indiana Racing Commission might well be in breach of the transparency and disclosure laws, especially given that this is A PUBLIC INDUSTRY.

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