Two Mares – One a Lowly Claimer, the Other a “Star” – Dead

5-year-old Spider Bride, a career maiden-claimer who never finished above 4th, has been reported dead by the NYS Gaming Commission from a training injury suffered April 29 at Finger Lakes. The official line: “pulled up during workout – exam revealed palpable R shoulder fx – euthanized.” Her trainer, Pablo Torres.

Also, 8-year-old Down Town Allen, a multiple stakes winner with over $1 million earnings, was, according to multiple press reports, euthanized Monday for injuries (suspensory tear) sustained in a race at Charles Town on April 18. The vet: “…we all wanted to do absolutely everything [cast, hyperbaric chamber, special shoe] we could to save her.” Breeder/owner/trainer John Casey: “She…loved being a racehorse…she was also like a pet that was a part of our family.” (Isn’t it funny how “family member” status is reserved for those who win a boatload for their owners?)

Two mares: One, a cheap, disposable claimer for whom no extraordinary measures were taken and whose death garnered zero media coverage; the other, a hugely successful “champion,” a potential future breeding machine for whom “everything” was tried and whose obit was shared widely. This is horseracing.


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  1. The two are mutually exclusive: To have us believe a horse is loved and considered “a part of our family” and then to make it race. It is an insult to anyone who does love their horses and family.

  2. The greed is palpable ! Earnings of over a million dollars. Eight starts since August 2014 and 8 wins ! Earnings of $236.76 for the year 2014. So, Mr. Casey “she” was like a pet and like a part of your family ! Is that anyway to treat a member of your family. Even though Down Town Allen was 8 yrs. old you could not stop ! Was it just because “she loved being a racehorse” or because you loved the money ?

    And Spider Bride how did you fracture your shoulder. There were no details given.
    You are now free of your tormentors. R.I.P.

    • Rose,

      You hit the nail on the head, they are both free from their TORMENTORS…That is all racing is – a license to torment, torture and kill.

      Marlene Thornley

  3. oh, well, a family member …. yes, I drug my family members on a regular basis, have someone whip them to “perform” (most of all: let them compete on a high level even if they are not healthy) and then, once they are unable to perform up to my expectations, I euthanize them …. hmmmm … or do I not do it ???
    Why does the word “abuse” and “slavery” and “inhumane” pop up in my mind?
    To put it in plain old American words: “horse racing sucks”!

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