16 More Kills From New Mexico

Through a “New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act,” I have confirmed the following 16 deaths at Zia Park in 2014. (In addition to these, the Commission sent reports for several horses who were “vanned off” and have since disappeared. This being New Mexico, we can make educated guesses on their whereabouts.)

3-year-old Get That Cat, September 8, Zia 12
“lateral condylar fracture” (chart said finished fine)

3-year-old Noyo Harbor, September 9, training
“sesamoids fracture with luxation”

3-year-old Ali’s Rapper, September 9, Zia 10
“tendon rupture” (chart said finished fine)

[illegible], September 22, training

3-year-old Gold Crown, September 28, Zia 9
“sesamoids fracture” (chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off”)

[illegible], October 2

4-year-old Seattle Flash, October 14
“severe colic” – not euthanized

4-year-old Strictly Business, October 14, Zia 10
“fetlock fracture/dislocation” (chart merely said “went wrong, vanned off”)

2-year-old Mama Odie, October 27, Zia 10
“carpal displacement” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

5-year-old Pretty Darn Quick, October 29, training
“bilateral sesamoid fracture”

3-year-old I Like Em Hot, November 2, Zia 9
“severe fracture and dislocation” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

4-year-old In Transition, November 3, training
“bilateral sesamoid fracture”

4-year-old Kasha Roo, November 10, training
“broken shoulder”

3-year-old Chappstick, November 11, Zia 3
“tumbled headfirst – died acutely, suspected CV rupture”

3-year-old Devilish Beast, November 22, Zia 7
“fractured knee” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

4-year-old El Musico, November 29, Zia 6
(chart merely said “vanned off”)

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  1. Thank you, Patrick. Through your tenacious oversight of an industry that does whatever it wants, repeatedly we see how misleading chart comments are. “Vanned off” more than not means DEAD or never heard from again. Horses noted as finishing are later euthanized. The NYT investigative report of 25 racehorses dying each week by relying on charts is so sadly inaccurate.

    Why doesn’t the racing industry let us know the NAMES of the horses in training and racing that died so we can have an accurate count of the enormity of the suffering and death of these magnificent beings? Are they saying they have no idea what horses are on their premises? Absurd.

  2. 3 yr old Chapstick – tumbled headfirst, died acutely, suspected CV rupture. These poor horses are dying horrific deaths. R.I.P. Chapstick, we will remember you and the others who gave their lives.

    List after list of excruciating injuries, leading to so many senseless fatalities. These precious beings have no chance after they are born. They are being bred to die in the dirt, with not even the most basic of protections for their welfare and well being. If they are lucky to make it to retirement, still they are not safe from the slaughter pipeline.

    It is sickening, that in this Century, brutality like this exists. We have so far to go to liberate these magnificent creatures from the pain, suffering, and misery of the life they are forced to lead on the track.

    You bettors, wake up, you are being duped. Today at Parx racetrack, the jockey Castillo was found with a buzzer. Not only are these horses being mistreated, and abused, they are also being shocked with buzzers, this is blatant animal cruelty. Don’t give Castillo the mere slap on the wrist that we know you will do, but instead, give him a jolt with the same buzzer he used on his horse. I’m sure he will definitely learn his lesson. He should be suspended indefinitely and his license revoked. Get rid of these bums that abuse their horses!! This blood sport needs to be shut down. It is beyond inhumane. Marlene Thornley

  3. Absolutely, Marlene. This business is a subculture of brutality, a throw back to primitive times.

    There is no way any jockey caught shocking a horse or abusing a horse should ever ride again. They should lose their licenses. Unless these commissions show they are serious this will continue. The problem is there is no will to protect the horse in any way. The brutal treatment of horses is par for the course. Cheaters and abusers are given a nod and a wink and even rewarded with recognition for “most wins”, etc.
    The business is rotten to the core and it will not change because it would not survive. One need look no further than how Espinoza rode AP and the nonsense spewed by the chief steward in defense of the ride.

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