11-Year-Old Calculating Jimmy – Still Being Abused

Back in December, I wrote about an 11-year-old gelding named Calculating Jimmy. At the time, he was being prepped for his 78th race. Well…78 came – and so did 79, 80, 81, and 82. And how did he fare?

January 2 – 8th of 9
January 23 – 10th of 11
February 6 – last of 11
March 15 – last of 10
April 15 – last of 10

In all five, Calculating Jimmy (below) was “For Sale” at $5,000 pre-race; for each of these bringing-up-the-rear starts, trainer/owner (and master since day one) Glenn Wismer banked $100 (Tampa Bay is a racino track that pays first through last). In other words, there is every incentive to continue the abuse. And continue it will – Calculating Jimmy worked out at Presque Isle two days ago. This is horseracing.


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  1. We all need to write a letter into the Ohio Racing Commission asking why they allow this abuse to continue. If u had $5000 I would buy him in a heartbeat. Give him the life he deserves. He’s gorgeous.

  2. Calculating Jimmy is a tough horse to have survived to 11 yrs. old in this business. When is it enough for these people ? Is it when they die in the dirt ? Obviously, the horse is unable to compete. He is probably tired and sore….no mercy in this business.

  3. PS The Wismers bred him as well as trained him. Also, the horse turns 12 on June 2. I guess they would even say they “love” Calculating Jimmy” even though he is on sale for $5,000 !

  4. This poor horse should have been retired years ago. These people are going to run him right into the ground. He is not competitive, enough is enough already. This is a potential break-down waiting to happen. How heartless these people are, they won’t be happy until he collapses. Shame on the Wismers, give this horse the retirement he has earned!!!! You people never fail to make me sick. Marlene Thornley

  5. Again the relevant racing commission has failed in its duty of care to this racehorse.

    No embargo placed on him. Well why in the hell not?????????????

    Look at this beautiful horse being used and abused until racing kills him, whether it be in a race,
    training or at the slaughterhouse.

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the racing industry.

  6. Well people – need crowdfunding – 2,500 people to donate $2 each – the normal bet – and then someone needs to go claim him with the $5,000 raised. Asshat

  7. Where do I donate the $2? We need to do this. Any boots on the ground in Ohio? Mary Johnson a very good contact, and knows the Stewards. I detest this industry so much. When I was in it everyone always said: we love our horses, we take care of them. They actually believed their delusions – made me sick! This is one example of many. Calculating Jimmy – so sorry for you dude. Your probably sour as hell. I don’t blame you. We will try to rescue you from the greedy clutches of the racing industry. Like any slave you must be freed.

  8. Yes, I do have connections here in Ohio and can facilitate claiming this horse. Someone needs to find him a safe place to go after the claim. I will reach out to a very good friend of mine who is now the GM of a racino outside of Cincinnati….Belterra (the old River Downs). I can pick him up and bring him to my barn for a couple of weeks but he must have a safe place to go after that period of time.

  9. Thanks Mary. We need somebody to collect the funds. If everybody contributed $2 we should be able to get it, but you brought up a very important issue: long term aftercare. I don’t have facilities. We do need to organize. All I can offer right now is a small donation.

  10. I’m willing to donate to the claiming fund and donate to an after care program or “rescue” that can take him.
    I don’t live in Ohio and am not familiar with programs for Thoroughbred after care there. I have gotten horses into a FL. program for horses racing in that state.

  11. inflated price. Can’t they donate and write him off? Or do they need to proof they can get a $5000 right off? Geez.

    • Cindy, yes, the horse can be donated to a 501c3 rescue. If the horse last raced for a $5000 tag, the owner would get a $5000 write off on his/her taxes. However, I suggested that several times when I was working a low level track and no one was interested. One trainer told me he didn’t even file income taxes.

      Over the years, I “bought” many horses to prevent them from ending up in a bad place. The kill buyer middlemen were also owners/trainers. If I bought a horse for $350, I would ask for a receipt for that amount from the rescue that I donated the horse to and I would write that amount off on my taxes as a “donation”. I always made sure that I got a receipt from the rescue in case I was audited. I never had a problem with New Vocations but Pure Thoughts, in Florida, was another story.

  12. Offer them a small fraction of what they’re asking with a promise of good will towards their name and LOTS of word of mouth advertising referring to their ‘business’ as opposed to negative press they’ll get when the inevitable happens. The rest of the ‘payment’ raised for ‘Jimmy’ can got to his after care. His retirement fund so to speak……

  13. Thanks Rose, Mary Johnson would be the “go to” in Ohio. She has a huge network of people in the right places. That said, it’s my understanding that, like most OTTB Rescues, they are stretched to the limit. Mary would know that. She may even know a long term farm for a reasonable price. Maybe Mary could post her email here so that you can hook-up with her?

  14. Hold your horses! According to Equibase, this horse hasn’t raced in Ohio. He has raced mainly at Tampa and Presque Isle which is in Pennsylvania. For those of you that haven’t come up with a plan of action to acquire a horse, it takes a lot more than offering to send money yo me or to anyone else. Where will this horse go IF he can be acquired? Who will continue to finance his care IF he is acquired? If he was in Ohio, and I don’t think that he is, I could transport him but I won’t travel to PA or FL to pick him up. Therefore, who will transport him to my barn? Once he is claimed, most trainers will charge a day rate until he can be removed from the track. Who will pay for that?

    I have texted Joe, my racing contact here in Ohio, and asked him if he knows Glenn Wismer. If he does, then perhaps Wismer will sell the horse versus having to claim him. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before an offer is made IF Wismer is willing to let the horse go.

    • Mary, I will email you a good contact I have near Presque Isle Downs. For the temporary (minimal day rate) holding farm IF jimmy lands a new decent owner/home.

  15. The article states the last 5 starts have been at Tampa Bay (FL), BUT that he worked out at Presque Isle in PA on 5/7/15. So, it looks like he is in PA now and getting ready to race again. I will PM Mr. Wismer and ask him to consider retiring Jimmy and let him know that many people are concerned about the horse, it might help if each of you politely do the same thing.

    Lifetime Earnings of $257,091 and he deserves to be retired. Starts: 82 , Firsts: 7, Seconds: 21, Thirds: 12

    A significant of portion of this owner/breeder’s $651,566 in earnings came from Calculating Jimmy. http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=People&searchType=O&eID=779644

    Facebook link for Mr. Wismer’s racing stables: https://www.facebook.com/WismerRacing

    Link to a picture of Jimmy in 2014, and he and his son are stunning! https://www.facebook.com/WismerRacing/posts/896768927001501

    • Calculating Jimmy is a gelding. I’m not sure he has any offspring. BTW, I do believe the picture in this article is mine. I LOVE this horse and do agree that he needs to be retired. I go to see him at PID every time he is there. He is a VERY sweet horse

  16. I understand Mary. You are right, first we need to see if he is willing to sell the horse. Then we need to make sure we have collected enough money. Then we can go on from there.

    You are the one with all the experience rescuing, please let us know how each of us can help going forward so we can make it happen for this beautiful baby. Marlene Thornley

  17. Mary’s right. I’ve done lots of TB rescues when I had my farm – 22 in total. It was great because I had facilities so just feed was needed. That’s a big difference between private farm and boarding. Let’s work on it. Nicely message the Owner. Let’s go from there. I’m struggling with my own horse Wolfie for board money so I can only commit to a small donation.

  18. I am right down the street from PID if I can Help. I can also claim at Pid if I can help

  19. The worse thing you can do is to have everyone start contacting Wismer. It is always best to have one contact person. Joe texted me yesterday and he will be back in his office, at Belterra, on Tuesday. He will get me the contact info. I will call Wismer within a couple of days. I have done this before so I do have experience and I know how to talk to these guys. If multiple people start contacting the owner, one of two things will happen. He will get “turned off” and not speak to anyone moving forward or he will think that there are a lot of people who want the horse and the price will increase.

    People who have no horse experience don’t understand the costs involved with bringing a horse into your barn. I have done it many times and I can tell you that basic care for Jimmy will be about $250 a month. That does not include vet care, if he needs it, having his teeth done, or farrier. Then you have transportation costs. If this horse was in Ohio, I would hook up my truck and trailer and go get him but a four hour round trip will cost about $100 in gas and that does not include my time, or the wear and tear on my truck and trailer.

    Jimmy can always be claimed but the prudent thing to do would be to try and buy him from Wismer for less than the claiming price. Anyone, who is reasonably intelligent, should know that this horse is “done” with his racing career. For those that have contacts, it might be worthwhile to start networking to find him a “good” home, not just any home but a “good” home. Those “good” homes are worth their weight in gold. I can’t keep this horse. I currently own seven so I am in over my head, but I could keep him for a couple of weeks should we be able to acquire him.

  20. Mary, wise words. I agree with everything you say. FYI, there are two of us that contacted him on his FB Page, but will immediately cease to do so that you can be the sole negotiator. Both of us requested that he be donated to a 501K and the other poster ( whom I haven’t seen on here) said she would contact and secure a 501K home if he agreed to donate Jimmy. You may want to check out his FB page. That said, I noticed the Wisners post on their FB page infrequently, and rarely respond to any posts so it’s not very active. Not even sure if they will get the posts, but we need to get in touch with Victoria who offered a 401K home. I also wanted to point out to anybody how difficult it is to find a GOOD forever home for an OTTB. That’s precisely why the horse racing industry facilitates the BREED and DUMP approach for TB Owners because they know darn well that in order to fill races for $2 bets, they must allow a potential investor ( owner) a easy way out when their horse is no longer profitable. That’s what this entire industry is about: exploitation of the racehorse for profit, and all those Trainers/Owners who may have good intentions fall to the wayside when it comes to action and taking care of their horses. Their certainly nowhere to be found at the Kill Auction when their horse is standing there waiting if the slaughterhouse truck. Only 10% of people in this business actually make money contrary to popular belief, and the other 90% starve while filling races for wagering outlets like TVG EXPRESS BET etc. These wagering outlets are getting away with bloody murder. They are the ones pulling in millions, and they have ZIPPO obligation to any OTTB aftercare and never donate any % of profits to OTTB aftercare. Just look at the figures! They are making obscene profits so it’s not lack of money that’s the problem. It’s greed. It’s very few making all the money at the expense of others – mainly the racehorse. They get the worst end of the deal. This is horse racing. PLEASE PEOPLE Google City of Toronto gambling expansion survey (I couldn’t copy and paste it) and take the survey! You don’t have to live here. They want input into massive expanded gaming at Woodbine Racetrack which will spell disaster for racehorses. The CEO’s at Woodbine all boys club are predominantly Lawyers, own racehorses, and completely control the testing barn process, and allegedly the outcome of races. My experience with Woodbine has been a very negative one. It’s one of the most corrupt racetracks in North America in my opinion. If they get their greedy dirty hand on millions more (that the expansion will generate) that will result in massive suffering for racehorses who will fill races for their nasty bets and most will end up at slaughter. They can’t even find homes for OTTB’s now so this will exacerbate the problem tenfold. Unfortunately, our current Premier Kathleen Wynn is in bed with the racetrack. A former Agricultural Minister who allegedly received MILLIONS from Woodbine personnel for her Premier candidacy plus her ties to the Agricultural community promising massive jobs to supply the horse related items at Woodbine. I’m told that this public consultation is just a whitewash and their going to put it through anyways. I hope this information is wrong. Federal Canadian Department of Agriculture estimates 5000 horses to slaughter weekly with OTTB’s comprising 30% of that figure. This is a conservative estimate because papers are not accurate. They are often forged to get the thoroughbred out of their hair now that it’s done filling races. The casino money will generate huge purses and we all know that racehorses start dying at alarming rates as seen in New York State when the purse money went up. Like I said, this casino expansion will spell disaster for racehorses .

    • Yes, Gina exactly! Racino expansion is nothing but disaster for supply of overbred horses.

  21. Jo-Anne, I write letters. I took the survey. Very disturbing that Premier Wynne is in bed with the racetrack. I think it was planned all along. Politicians are for sale it seems.

  22. My last comment was not posted, so I’m trying with a new comment (please delete the other).

    Mr. Wismer has stated that he has stopped racing Jimmy and he will be using him as his pony horse. He still owns Jimmy’s sire and he intends to keep both, safe and sound. He states, and I believe him, that he cares about the well being of his horses and he has retired horses as young as 3 if they appear to have any issues. He also stated he appreciates our concern and that he will reach out to me when he has another horse that needs to be homed.

    I would like to invite all of you to find me on twitter, so that we can stay in touch: @4WildHorses
    or via the contact form on my website. Thank you for wanting to help TBs!

  23. I just wanted to piggyback on what Valerie said in the post above. First of all, my Ohio racing contact has been ill so, even though I reached out to him, he hasn’t been able to get back to me in regards to Mr. Wismer and Calculating Jimmy. Also, Valerie and I have been privately communicating on FB. Jimmy has been retired and will now be Wismer’s pony horse. Also, at racetracks, you have what they call “conditions”. I have spoken to trainers who are willing to “retire” or “give up” their horses because the horse has run through its “conditions”. Jimmy is ineligible to race at Presque isle because his earnings haven’t met the minimum required to continue racing. Valerie kindly shared PI’s Policies and Regulations with me and point #35 does talk about the eligibility rule. Therefore, I’m not so sure that Wismer retired Jimmy because he loved and cared about him but it looks as if he was forced to do so since the horse can’t race at PI.

  24. Also, Calculating Jimmy has run in claiming races since 2007. Therefore, Wismer put him up for sale many, many times. I would never risk losing my horses if I truly loved them but this is the sad state of horseracing.

  25. Agreed Mary. Valerie, he blocked me from commenting on his FB Page despite the fact that I was polite. These people in the horse racing industry make me sick. That said, let’s keep an eye out for him I have him in my stable mail now. Forgot to mention that I’m sure he was forced out of racing so the Owner now found him a job as a Pony Horse – better than slaughter, but not a great job either. Thanks Rose and Valerie for your help with this.

    • Thank you for the link. I saw that he said Jimmy is now a pony horse. Am SO happy to hear. He is my favorite horse here. Have been worried.. He is too old to race. He is the SWEETEST horse. I was concerned though, when he said he ‘gave away” his other horse. I have been worried about Jimmy, since I hadn’t seen anything on him since his workout here. Any other news on Jimmy would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  26. Hello,
    Update on Calculating Jimmy. He was retired before the meet this year and he is training to be a pony horse. He is back at home with his family in Kentucky during the off season. I had the pleasure of meeting his owner who loves him as much as a family member. He has invited me to visit Jimmy whenever I wanted. Jimmy’s father is also on premises. I do respect your concern for animals, which I share; however, not all owners treat their charges as a commodity. There are many reputable caring people in this industry.

    • He loves him as much as a family member? Really? What individuals put their “loved” family members up for sale?…like Jimmy was time after time after time!

  27. I own a number of ex-race horses, now jumpers, and I don’t see how the tiny amounts received for low finishes can be worth the cost of keeping a horse in the barn. The cost of keeping a horse in top competitive training often runs well over $1000 a month for me.
    I loathe the race owners who try to squeeze every drop of blood from their horses before sending them to a slaughterhouse for those last cents per pound.
    Part of the problem is that horses are now bred for speed but not stamina or soundness. 30 or 40 years ago horses often ran into their 5th or 6th year, carried higher weights and ran longer races (The Jockey Club Gold Cup used to be 2 miles). Today breeders want precocious horses who show speed at 2 and are finished at 3.

    • Nightflight your correct when quoting the approximate costs of keeping a horse in training. In fact, it’s a minimum of $1500 for basic necessities not including farrier and vet bill. Yes, they do try to squeeze every drop out of the racehorse now which is precisely why I got out of retraining, and rehoming.
      Up until about 10 years ago I could get some fairly decent horses (that were on their way to slaughter) for Free, spend some time, and money on them, and transition them into a new career.
      Not anymore. In the past 10 years the horses coming off the track were literally done. I mean DONE.
      They were fried from the inside to the outside including both physical and mental issues.
      Many of them couldn’t walk after about 3-5 days of getting them once the drugs wore off.
      They were literally dispensable. I couldn’t give them away.
      There are multiple factors involved with the entire scenario, but the need for speed is one of them as you mentioned.
      So why do people keep running horses that cost so much to keep in training when the checks don’t equal or surpass the costs?
      One of the main reasons is that there is a lot of underhanded dealings allegedly going on between trainers, HPBA, racetrack CEO’s, and wagering companies to fill races and to cash in on bets.
      Honest trainers are regularly denied stalls, and access to the system unless they cooperate with these allegedly schemes.
      The wagering public gets screwed, but the biggest loser is the racehorse.
      The main way to reduce, and stop this scheme is to CANCEL the Interstate Horse Racing Act.
      This Act was brought in as a temporary measure by congress back in 1978 in order to rescue the horse racing industry that was on the verge of collapsing due to the decrease of on-track wagering and attendance. The industry was in a downward spiral because people lost all interest in it.
      This act made it legal to bet on horse races over state lines. So it made horse wagering legal anywhere in the U.S. without having to attend or even see a racehorse. This is where the deep seated corruption begun.
      This is also when the HBPA was formed, gained lots of power because the tracks couldn’t participate in this act without the express permission of the horseman’s association.
      It seemed evident to me that many trainers were being paid (under the table) just to fill races for these people, and it’s very lucrative for them. There are so many trainers on tracks that hardly win a race. Now ask yourself: how in the hell do they make a living?
      How do they justify keeping a horse in training when on paper they have not enough money to do it with?
      They are part of the allegedly scheme that I just described.
      I was offered to participate many times, and I declined.
      Consequently, I was denied stalls, denied races, denied jockeys, denied my farrier, etc, etc.
      They are like a python snake. They not only squeeze the racehorse dry, but the honest trainer who refuses to participate.
      You are squeezed out of the loop. It’s just that simple.

  28. Here’s just a small taste of how much power the horseman’s association on all racetracks have, and probably why horses like Calculating Jimmy continue to be abused.

    (a) Parties; remedies

    The host State, the host racing association, or the horsemen’s group may commence a civil action against any person alleged to be in violation of this chapter, for injunctive relief to restrain violations and for damages in accordance with section 3005 of this title.

    • 1st of all, that is my picture of Calculating Jimmy you are using. I don’t mind that you are, but asking permission would have been nice. For the record, Jimmy was retired shortly after the meet started. He is now learning to be a pony-horse. I do agree that there are some owners who do not have the best interest of their horses in mind. Mr. Wismer is not 1 of them. I asked him about Jimmy shortly after I saw your article. That is when he informed me about his retirement and new career. He extended an open invitation for me to go back to the barns whenever I wanted to visit Jimmy. You see, I have been a fan of Jimmy’s ever since I started going to PID. If Jimmy was being mistreated, Mr Wismer would not have asked me to visit him. He is spending the off season with his sire at Mr Wismer’s farm in KY. (Yes, Mr Wismer has kept both father and son) I applaud your concern regarding horses’ well being, but please don’t bulk every owner, trainer, breeder or fan in the same category. There are numerous who treat their horses like a part of their family. 

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      • Rose…I’m sorry to burst your bubble but “family members” – loved ones, at least – are not bought and sold like inanimate objects nor put up for sale via claiming races…unbelievable…make them “run for their lives” but with a damn price tag on their head. Unfathomable.

  29. Are you serious Rose? As a former owner/trainer I would NEVER continue to run a 11 year old horse who was not only a non-competitive performer, but a horse who earned a well-deserved retirement PRIOR to having the lemon squeezed dry.
    As far as I’m concerned anybody who participates in this horrific industry is not good. You are all a bunch of idiots who exploit horses for profit, and even exploit them when they are no longer profitable which is blatant animal abuse.
    You are all the same, and yes I will paint you with the same brush.
    Many of you have this delusion that you are good. A good person who really cares, and loves horses would not be part of this industry or come to their senses eventually like I did thankfully.

  30. Rose Vallimont – this beautiful horse in your photo raced for just over EIGHT (8) YEARS, he was just 2 months off turning Twelve (12) years of age from his foaling date, he had eighty-two (82) starts which means he was beaten with a whip at least 492 times (average of say 6 times each race – I doubt he’d be hit less than this and highly likely more) and you regard that Mr Wismer had in his mind the “best interests” for this horse?

    Well, I say he is not only like many other owners and trainers who mistreat their horses but he is in the category of the worst offenders. CALCULATING JIMMY earned $257,091 in prizemoney (let alone the punt) for this trainer/owner and in 64 of those starts he had a “For Sale” sign on him. As far back as Sept 24, 2014, he came home last and faltered (likely exhausted) during the race and yet Wismer continued to risk racing him and in his last 5 starts he raced very poorly. Talk about getting the last drop of blood out of him! I call it aggravated cruelty.
    Do you think this horse enjoyed being raced into the ground for 8 YEARS, being beaten with a whip, racing with stomach ulcers, highly likely suffering from osteoarthritis, the stress of racing, drugs, the miserable confinement and living conditions and who knows what else…..?

    Ah yes…. whenever a trainer and/or an owner receives an enquiry from a member of the public about the future of a retired racehorse the response is, without fail, that the horse is either on their farm living the life of Riley or has gone to a good home.

    • As I have said, I do agree that there is corruption in this industry, however not all owners are of that caliber. On the subject of exploiting animals for profit, let us not forget circuses and zoos where animals are paraded around for the amusement of the public, but behind closed doors are treated viciously and inhumanely. Citing the example of Marius, the ill-fated 2 yr old giraffe, who was shot in the head, in front of a zoo full of children, then his remains fed to the lions. So please do not single out this industry when talking about profit. I know owners who do not race because they do not feel the horse is feeling well, and have sat up w/him all night. I will reiterate, I do know there are many people who only look at a thoroughbred as a commodity or a dollar sign. And, by the way, you Do Not know me at all.  I volunteer on a ranch that rescues abused/neglected horses. Only 1 is an OTTB, the rest- from people who thought it would be fun to own a horse, til the realization hit and they couldn’t follow through, be it due to lack of money or time. Only problem, they let the horse sit in a filthy stall. He was too tall so ended up breaking his back. There are 9 other stories like this. Non of which involve a racehorse, but a *pet*. So yes, animal neglect is out there, in MANY areas, not only the horseracing industry. And there are many people involved to try & change this. Not all of us are evil money hungry individuals who view this only as a way to make a profit. Thank you for your time, & please contact the racing commission & let them be aware of your concerns. But please, don’t paint us all like the zoo keepers from Denmark.

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      • Rose Vallimont, you have clearly avoided to comment on the facts I raised about JIMMY’S plight and instead you focused on other animal cruelty – this is typical behaviour of racing apologists who simply cannot defend the indefensible. By the way this is a horseracing blog bringing awareness to the public about what really goes on behind the scenes with the horses. No, I don’t know you except that you are a racing apologist. You don’t know me either but I will let you know that I was born into a racing family that has been racing horses since the early 1800s, I have also worked in the industry at the coalface and I have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience about the life of the racehorse and what the racing industry is about.

  31. Rose, don’t take the attention away from where it belongs: the ongoing abuse of Calculating Jimmy. This blog focuses on racehorses, and the industry as a whole so I focus my comments on that.
    Carolyn you are so right on when you said: Ah yes…. whenever a trainer and/or an owner receives an enquiry from a member of the public about the future of a retired racehorse the response is, without fail, that the horse is either on their farm living the life of Riley or has gone to a good home. True words spoken.
    Over the years that I was directly involved with this despicable business there were many owners like Mr. Wismer that claimed the horse was living the life of Riley. What many didn’t know is that this life only lasted no more than a few years because after they had to start paying for the racehorse without the possibility of profit they usually are dumped. I saw it all the time.
    I saw top level stake horses that made over $100,000 per year go out to their lush green paddock while the folks patted themselves on the shoulder.
    Usually within 2 years that paddock would be empty when I drove by, and the horse?
    Well, it was usually sent to auction. We know where that story ends.

    • I am not disagreeing with you on that subject. As I have said (numerous times) there are many people who are disreputable. You being directly involved, will know then, that there are people who do care; you obviously bring one of them. 

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    • Gina, you took the words out of my mouth about Rose Vallimont clearly avoiding the plight of JIMMY and focusing purely on other animal cruelty that we all know goes on. Totally agree with all you’ve said in your comment.

  32. the 100 dollars covers the jockeys mount. no money was made by running this horse. after paying lasix. pony and somebody to run the horse it was a losing proposition. Tampa is a hard place to to get and keep stalls. and stalls are allotted based on number of starts. that is why this horse was running would be my guess. he obviously wasn’t trying hard enough to hurt himself. old horses get smart and go through the motions. People should stop posting on these websites that know absolutely NOTHING about horse racing!!!

    • CALCULATING JIMMY averaged $3,135 per start.

      He had 82 race starts since February 2007 until April 2015 earning $257,091

      Breeder: Mr and Mrs Glenn S Wismer
      Owner: Glenn S Wismer
      Trainer: Glenn S Wismer

      Calculating Jimmy was a nice little money earner for his owner/trainer GLENN S WISMER living off the suffering of this horse for many years. And then of course there are the tax benefits, etc.


      And “Charles” many of us here who comment on HW are equine educated and have decades of experience with the racing industry, whether it be attending the shedrows and saving horses from ending up in the slaughterhouse (Joy and Mary) working as a trainer/owner (Gina) a former Steward (Gina) taking on the huge commitment of owning and caring for discarded and damaged racehorses (Rose Smith, Joy and Mary) a former trackwork rider (20yr+ industry insider) coming from a racing family and working as a trainer’s assistant (me) and others who sometimes comment on HW who have witnessed the inexscusable animal cruelty inherent in horseracing. Some commenters have been to a race meet, witnessed a horse breaking down and dying and have been horrified with the truth behind the glamour and partying at a race meet. I recall a father writing in with his experience, he had his 2 young children with him and out the back on their way home they witnessed a traumatised horse that had been seriously injured in a race being brutally removed from the trailer, clumsily euthanased and thrown into a pit.

      And “Charles” you accuse us of knowing NOTHING?

    • Charles, I grew up in this business, I owned/trained, rescued, re-homed, and was a former Steward.
      Let’s assume that your are correct when you justify the ongoing abuse of Jimmy by keeping stalls at Tampa.
      This is NO EXCUSE for running this poor soul.
      Let’s also assume that your correct when you say that horses get smart and go though the motions.
      This is still NO EXCUSE to run this horse – NONE whatsoever.
      Even if horses are “smart and go through the motions,” many end up DYING in the dirt while going through those motions so to take that risk is utterly indefensible.
      In fact, direct connections of Jimmy came on here to say that he was retired. Then we find out he was being used as Wismer’s pony which is a taxing job in and of itself. Now we find out he’s running again.
      People don’t need to directly participate in this business to see that it’s abusive.
      So your claim that people should have inside information in order to comment is non-applicable.
      This entire antiquated business model is based on the exploitation of a sentiment being.
      If all of you people in horse racing really cared about horses then you wouldn’t be supporting this business by subjecting horses like Jimmy to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
      It’s clear to most, those outside of the delusional bubble, that horse racing is nothing more than a cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit. The daily FACTS support this.
      Horse racing is not unlike dog fighting.
      People don’t need to know about dogs or dog fighting to know that it’s morally reprehensible, and also a Felony.
      Racehorses have no protection against the abusers, and the enablers of the abuse.
      In fact, they have people like you defending the abuse of racehorses such as Jimmy.
      At least fighting dogs get some justice – racehorses don’t.
      What’s particularly disturbing is the abuse is legitimized.
      So we will continue to educate, comment, and reveal the death FACTS of the racehorses.
      Jimmy is being abused. No doubt about that.
      His direct abuser is the beneficiary of his money – Mr. Wismer.
      The enablers of the abuse begin with people like you who defend this.
      This horse has served everybody well.
      Wismer should have retired him a long time ago.
      Everybody knows that even those who are not directly involved with horse racing.

      • Please take me out of this thread. 1st of all, I’m not part of Jimmy’s connex. I happen to know Mr Wismer & spent most of the summer w/Jimmy. I don’t want to rehash this over & over. I said what I had to say, so just refer back to my earlier comments & please remove me from further conversations; and again, please stop using my pictures of Jimmy. And, thank you Charles. You seem to understand both sides of the issue and comment objectively. Goodnight, Rose(Jimmy’s biggest fan)

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  33. Right Rose.
    Now that you have been called out for defending this despicable act of cruelty on Jimmy now you want to leave.
    You came on here, under your own volition, to defend Mr. Wisner, and to remind us that he retired Jimmy.
    You even went so far to say that Mr. Wisner did the right thing recognizing that it was time to retire Jimmy.
    Well – he obviously is not doing the right thing by a horse that made him lots of money, and deserves a grassy paddock where he can run free, and be a horse again – not a profit slave for Wisner, Tampa Racetrack, and the wagering companies.
    He’s been exploited enough.
    Everybody knows that and so do you, which is why you no longer can defend these acts of cruelty.
    Which is why you asked to be removed from this blog.
    If you were one iota of a horse lover, then you would have come out and condemned this recent decision.
    Instead, like a coward which most of racing supporters are, they run with their tail between their legs when their called out for the abusers, and enablers of abuse they are.
    This poor gelding. Poor Jimmy.

    • If all of you on here are so against the racing industry, why did some of you remain in the industry for up to 20 years….

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      • The delusion is strong Rose because you still live it – that’s the difference.
        It doesn’t matter how long somebody took to realize how wrong something is.
        What matters is that they got out, and I decided to use my knowledge to educate people.
        I realize how this business is so wrong, I acknowledge that, and I moved on.
        I also realize that it doesn’t matter if your intentions are good, because in the end it’s all the same.
        It’s sentiment beings being exploited to the point of DYING for bets.
        It’s over breeding resulting in thousands of racehorses ending up in neglectful situations or at the slaughterhouse.
        All this for what?
        For racehorses to run in circles (the cruelty ring) to generate bets, to make the wagering companies profit.
        Or, it’s to placate egos for those rich participants who don’t need the money.
        It’s absolute insanity and there’s no justification for this whatsoever – NONE.
        Not unlike fighting dogs, the horses become gambling pawns, and not only are they exploited, but the people who participate are exploited as well.
        I sincerely hope that one day you realize this.
        I really think that you were sticking up for your friend, but your really defending this ongoing animal cruelty, and I will come down hard on anybody who defends the abuse of any animal.
        I make no apologies for my outrage.

      • Rose, I despise racing but I didn’t despise it when I galloped racehorses for a friend of my mom’s at a layup farm outside of Cincinnati back in the 60’s. Over time, I evolved. I didn’t wake up one morning and begin speaking out against it. Here is an example that I often use to explain the process that I went through. I am a vegetarian and have been for years. I stopped eating pork in the early 70’s, then beef, chicken, and, finally, fish. Now I am working hard on becoming a vegan. It really was an evolution for me. Pro-racing folks often babble that those of us who are against racing are against it because we know nothing about it. That, to me, is ridiculous. I am against racing because I have seen the atrocities committed against the horses firsthand. Racing maims, and kills horses, DAILY. I find that to be revolting.

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