Diamond Flush Dead at Golden Gate, Two Others Dead at Santa Anita

The California Horse Racing Board reports that 5-year-old Diamond Flush is dead from a raceday injury – “ruptured suspensories” – sustained at Golden Gate on April 16. Connections on death day: Robert Hess Sr, Bert Lane, Agustin Orendain, and Schroeder Farms. Also, the CHRB says that two horses died at Santa Anita for the week 4/13-4/19 – identities withheld. This is horseracing.

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  1. I so wish I had the money to sue the CHRB for deliberately withholding public information. It’s against the law! They are a public institution supported by taxpayers money. If somebody were to request, via the Freedom of Information Act, the identities of which horses died, then it would have to be revealed. I have a hunch that one or both came out of BB’s barn! They go to such lengths to protect these butchers. Shame on them.

  2. I will never watch another horse race on television the same way since receiving ‘Horseracing Wrongs’. I’m thankful that I have never been to a horserace, nor have I ever gambled on one. I have, in the past, however, kept track of those horses I thought would win based on their names and their looks and it breaks my heart to realize that some of those same horses have been abused or killed by the owners, trainers or jockeys. Again, I say that we need a National Horseracing Commission so that the laws/regulations, statistics, and penalties will be consistent throughout our country. The way we treat the rest of the Animal Kingdom is a total disgrace, but even more so if money is involved.

    • Yes Lisa, we most certainly do need a National Horseracing Commission to govern all of the racing commissions in America. First and foremost, the welfare of the racehorse should be the main function of such a Commission.

  3. It would be easier if the industry were dismantled. Until the last track closes the reprehensible people who make money from it, who support, run, and control it will continue the abuse. The mere concept of racing for gaming is inhumane.

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