Elda Dead at Penn; Three Anonymous Dead at Santa Anita

4-year-old Elda is dead – “humanely euthanized,” says Equibase – after breaking down in the 2nd last night at Penn. In all, Elda was put to the whip 17 times; she endured five different trainers in less than 18 months: Robert Hess Jr, Robert Hess Sr, Steven Miyadi, Scott Lake, and Timothy Hooper.

Also from yesterday, 3-year-old Tiz B the One broke down in the 1st at Pimlico and can safely be presumed dead. Trainer, Patricia Farro.

And finally, in the Santa Anita Stewards Minutes for 4/6-4/12, three horses are reported dead – identities, though, withheld. Curiously, while the occasional name (of a dead horse) pops up on these California minutes, I was told by the CHRB’s “Public Records Coordinator” that the “names of deceased horses…is not considered public information that the CHRB is able to provide.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Elda, a $ 65K yearling.
    I guess Not Producing fast enough return on investment.
    Raced at 2. HAULED from California. Dead at 4.


    • Hi Kathleen,
      Yes, I live in Canada. My exact location is Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
      My house is 20 minute drive away from Woodbine …..RACINO

      Apparently, you have been slightly confused as to which Jo-Anne to address at times.
      Perfectly understandable – we are such great amazing people – lol

  2. So much for the transparency in racing in California… Are they for real? R.I.P. babies Elda, , Tis B the one and the 3 unnamed. What a shame… Marlene Thornley

  3. Python Patricia (Farro) squeezes the life out of many until they are maimed or dropped dead in the dirt.
    Well Python Pat (PP) is at it again and this time her victim is SILVER SILENCE.
    This 9 year old mare ran her butt-off for the numerous owners that came before PP making $264,603 more than enough to pay for her well-deserved retirement.
    One previous owner was responsible for her DNF on 8/13/2014 at the “prestigious” Saratoga, but her fate was going to get much worse because on 03/19/ 2018 she was claimed by PP.
    It was now time to squeeze some more life out of her and PP is just the person to do it.
    Just 8 months after being in PP’s barn Silver Silence had her 2nd DNF on 10/30/2018.
    PP has now entered Silver Silence for today 03/13/2019 in Race 7 because 2 previous DNF’s, a handful of horrific finishes still doesn’t stop this racehorse predator.
    It’s important to note that the majority of Python Patricia’s owners don’t run under their private name, rather, they hide behind a racing stable in this case, Gumpster Stable LLC.
    I must apologize to pythons as I’m only making reference to their physical method of killing their victims – squeezing the life out of them, but in the python’s case they do it for survival unlike the racehorse killer Patricia Farro.

      • Billy thanks so much for providing this link – unbelievable!!!!
        So Gumpster Stables had their licensed revoked back in 2009 for ILLEGAL OFFSHORE GAMBLING and they are at it again only this time in Pennsylvania – UNREAL – could only happen in horse racing.
        OMG – folks PLEASE PLEASE click on this link:

        There are 15 separate companies listed with GUMPSTER STABLES and they just keep opening back up with different partners!!
        know that these people have operated, and are probably still operating, ILLEGAL OFFSHORE GAMBLING that doesn’t pay ONE DIME in taxes, while collecting millions in bets.

        While American taxpayers and residents are getting completely ripped-off by BILLIONS in casino profits been given to horse racing, millions in tax breaks and/or corporate welfare – these illegal offshore gambling scans are taking the purse money as well.
        They give little to nothing for racehorse aftercare which shouldn’t surprise anybody.
        The biggest victims are the racehorses and this clearly shows how they are being abused, and exploited for illegal operations.
        Why hasn’t the racing commissions report these people to the FBI??
        This clearly shows the deeply ingrained corruption going on in horse racing and I feel so sorry for the racehorses who are being used as pawns.

  4. This is the link from Equibase:

    Owner Name Most Recent Start Track
    Gumpster Stable LLC 3/2/2019 Aqueduct
    Acclaimed Racing Stable and Gumpster Stable LLC 3/1/2019 Tampa Bay
    American Dreamer Stable and Gumpster Stable 2/1/2017 Penn National
    Gumpster Stable LLC and Berch, Neal 8/23/2015 Saratoga
    Gumpster Stable LLC and Contreras Stable Inc. 10/27/2018 Mahoning Valley Race Course
    Gumpster Stable LLC and Contreras, Cipriano 2/10/2017 Oaklawn Park
    Gumpster Stable LLC and Equi-Venture Stable 11/1/2006 Meadowlands
    Gumpster Stable LLC and Levine, Bruce N. 12/4/2015 Aqueduct
    Gumpster Stable LLC and Reavis, Michael L. 9/21/2017 Arlington
    Gumpster Stable LLC, Abramson, Stacey and Dickstein, Geoff 8/6/2006 Delaware Park
    Gumpster Stable LLC, Michael Reavis and Greg Fraterrigo 3/21/2015 Hawthorne
    Gumpster Stable and Fair, Helene 8/12/2015 Saratoga
    Gumpster Stable and Jagger Inc 3/8/2019 Laurel Park
    Gumpster Stable and Mondello, Ben 9/26/2007 Delaware Park
    Gumpster Stable and Our Blue Streaks Stable 10/21/2009 Belmont Park
    Gumpster Stable, et al 12/17/2014 Laurel Park

    As of 03.14.19

    • You mention the fbi…..well rojas/beattie/wells…..there been a supposed ongoing investigation in pa for years now, theres a few trainers up on race rigging charges…..one can go back to 2010 and listen to mike gill and all that he stated, surely this isnt for purse money, the corruption runs deep….and the racing commissions are just like the tracks, have a vested interest in generating revenue and wagering, money is the name of this buissness. This is no sport and will never be, why? Because of all the money and greed that takes the forfront, and the lack of everyone having a vested interest in the horses safety and wellfare, is there even diagnostics or a vet treatment building with on site technology? Judging a horses fitness by time, feeling legs, jogging on a hard level surface, good appetite, are not ways to look after an elite athlete such as a racehorse, add to the fact they are giving nsaid pain relievers to prevent “swelling” so you are taking a horse asking them to proform the most strenous thing you could ask to do, while not knowing the true health of the horse and taking away their first defense for overtraining and injury, its a no-brainer why so many horses are injured, pushed to soon, pushed to hard, and not prepared properly to do what is being asked of them, This is basic science for all mammals and athletes. Medications to keep a horse running while they should be rested, medications that help them proform better then normal training, and yes the tracks not the surface the track, the configuration, we know how horses move and turn, so should they really be on a banked track with tight turn that produce high g forces? Horses fetlocks work alot like human wrists, wonder why fetlock and knees are the 2 biggest injury concerns? Where do majority of breakdowns occur far turn, or into the stretch ( documented by the industry) fatigued horses trying to struggle to stay upright on turns the horse is not designed for, all the while with a jockey or there back shifting weight for lead changes, or using the whip for encouragement. Yes these incidents are multi faceted but nobody is looking at the right things or places to do anything about this, they refuse to admit the truth.

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