A Horse Whipped After the Finish and Other Abuses at Parx

From Parx yesterday afternoon (Equibase charts):

In the 1st, Seeking the Palace, who was “For Sale” prior to the race, finished last – 75+ lengths back. But Parx being a racino track, his connections still won some cash.

In the 2nd, Salem Harbor, who was “For Sale” prior to the race, finished last – 33+ lengths back. But Parx being a racino track, his connections still won some cash.

In the 4th, Bold Deed, who was “For Sale” prior to the race, finished last – 27+ lengths back. But Parx being a racino track, his connections still won some cash.

In the 7th, Pocketfullofcandy, who was “For Sale” prior to the race, finished last – 36+ lengths back. But Parx being a racino track, his connections still won some cash.

In the 8th, Cherokee Creek, who was “For Sale” prior to the race, finished last – 36+ lengths back. But Parx being a racino track, his connections still won some cash.

In the 9th, Sandiwill, who was “For Sale” prior to the race, finished last – 22+ lengths back. But Parx being a racino track, his connections still won some cash.

And finally, also from the 4th: Turn to Travis “was roused sharply several times while being ridden back to the unsaddling area” – or the shorthand version, “whip after.” Whipped, “sharply,” after the finish. Defend that, apologists.

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    • That’s right, Claire. Not a single racehorse has consented to being used in this industry…never consented to being whipped, to receiving the 26 legal meds and plethora of illegal drugs, to be trained and raced before physical maturity, to live separated from a herd in virtual isolation, to be stalled 23 hours/day – putting mental and physical well being at an increased risk, to be sold/moved from owner to owner and barn to barn (an incredible stressor for a creature that craves routine), and on and on. Enslavement, abuse…so folks can entertain themselves. Sick, unnecessary. But there are many selfish and apathetic people in this world.

      • Joy, I am a ”newbie” to much of this. I have always known horseracing was exploitive and cruel, but only recently learned of how extensive the needless disposal and killing actually is. I have added it to my list of passions and hope to make a difference any way that I can. Thank you for all that you do

      • So does this mean that the dressage horses consent to being wiped on the ankles to learn the piaffe ? And the saddle breds they concentrate to having hoof extensions, and there tails broken? And how about the Tennessee walkers have consented to having there legs tied together to be taught a man made gait?? I can go on and on! Sounds like your an outsider who has know clue what goes on with race horses. Your basing your opinion on only the bad media. So until you can find a horse in any discipline or sport that has “consented” you should just keep your mouth shut!

        • You obviously (and ignorantly) know nothing of Joy Aten or any of the other incredible advocates on this site. Perhaps you should read more than one comment before casting aspersions. And by the way, and I’m sure I speak for Joy on this, all of it – from dressage to walkers to polo to rodeo to the Amish, etc. – is wrong. Exploitation is exploitation is exploitation. But to quote another of my favorite contributors – Mary Johnson – “this is called ‘Horseracing Wrongs’ – got it?”

      • Karla,

        I agree with Patrick.

        Joy, Mary, Carolyn, Jo Anne Normille, Gina, JoAnne Ward, have ALL witnessed HORRIFIC abuse and the death of horses they love and they are sharing their stories. REAL stories, of real horses, who have suffered serious ABUSE and DEATH in the world of horse racing.

        I have no idea what you are referring to as None of these stats on this website are based on “bad media”

        The stats and stories on this website are from the labor intensive work of Patrick, Joy, Mary, and all the other contributors who have factual stories and also witnessed the abuse and death of horses. Some have been connected to horses and the racing world for over the past 50 years.

        I am reading an incredible book right now by JoAnne Normille called “SAVING BABY” based on real life experience with horses including SCARLETT, the granddaughter of SECRETARIAT.

      • Karla,

        I have questions for you.

        What is your actual experience in relation to race horses ?
        How many posts have you actually read on this website ?
        Do you know how many horses are dying at the track every week ?
        Do you know how many horses are being slaughtered after they have been raced at the track every year ?

        Patrick clearly states ” this page quite obviously focuses on the abuse and killing of active racehorses”
        The goal of this website is to END horse racing once and for all so this site is focused on that goal.

        Please look to the right and scroll down to see all the other areas of horse abuse that have been written about on this website.

        If you have an area of passion regarding horses , I would highly recommend that you create a website about it instead of criticizing someone who has worked so hard to bring to us the actual REAL STATS of how many horses are dying at the race track.

      • Karla,

        It is clear to me you have not done your homework on what is actually on this website.

        At the very bottom of THIS website Patrick has categories on OTHER WRONGS

        They include

        Horse-Drawn Carriages
        Hunting For Sport
        Tennessee Walking Horse
        The Circus
        The Iditarod
        The Marine Park
        The Rodeo

      • Karla, it is hard for me to even respond to someone who is as ignorant as you. Yes, there are atrocities in EVERY animal industry…puppy mills, rodeos, and the soring of the Tennessee Walking horses are just three examples. I will try to make this as simplistic as possible since you seem to struggle with basic comprehension. Let’s say that your neighbor has a backyard “puppy mill”. The dogs are repeatedly bred, kept in small cages, and are never taken to a veterinarian. Their hair is matted and they are filthy. You, as a concerned dog lover, decide to “report” on the bad conditions in which these animals are kept and the way they are treated. I would NEVER begin babbling…Oh, Karla, forget about those dogs….focus on the abuses with the dressage horses, or focus on the abuses that are endured by the orcas at Sea World, or focus on the pit bulls that can only survive by injuring, and possibly killing, another dog! None of those animals “consent” to the abuse that is levied upon them. I may choose to “report” on a different atrocity, but I would never tell you to “keep your mouth shut”. Anyone with minimal intelligence knows that one must “pick their battles” in order to be effective but I applaud those who stand up for the welfare of ANY animal. Got it?

        I have been involved with OTTB’s since the early sixties and spent years on the backside of a low level track helping horses that an industry YOU support threw in the trash. Bionic Brine, Shanty Hill Road, Marsella Delight and Sounds O K were four who were so badly damaged that they were euthanized shortly after leaving the track. Disgusting? Yes, disgusting, but those who are dazzled by the trappings of racing will begin to babble that I don’t have my facts straight. Nope, Karla, you are wrong once again. YOU don’t have your facts straight. You say we are basing our opinion on “bad media”. Just another idiotic comment emanating from your mouth. We base our opinion on PERSONAL experience as well as the FACTS reported by Equibase. Got it?

        Also, just to repeat what Patrick has stated here in another comment, this blog is called Horseracing Wrongs, not Horses Abused in Dressage or Rodeos Flipping Calves in the Air. I’m sure there are many sites for those abuses and I would strongly suggest that you visit those sites and make comments against animal exploitation.

        Finally, I would suggest that you stop at the library, or bookstore, on your way home and pick up a dictionary. It never ceases to amaze me how pro-racing apologists can’t seem to put a sentence together using good grammar. An example…”you sound like an outsider who has know clue”. Wrong again, dear Karla. It should be “NO” clue. NO and KNOW are called homonyms…they sound alike but have different meanings. Same with THEIR and THERE. Heck, I learned that in grade school so until you have a command of the English language you should just “keep your mouth shut”.

      • Karla. You are the the typical horse racing apologist who either chooses to believe the bullshit your industry spews or is too ignorant to realize that you are being duped. Either way you are to be pitied. The thoroughbred industry is nothing more than people abusing animals for their own pleasure. Wait. The horses love to race, right? They love the competition. They need a purpose. What a sad, sorry fool you are.

      • raysaputelli, I have heard for years that horses need a purpose or they need a job. The Program Director at New Vocations has stated that ALL horses need a job even if it is being a low level broodmare that produces more low level horses. Of course, we can’t even find homes for the horses currently on this earth so to suggest that we bring more low level horses into this world is idiocy, at its best. Another tired comment is that TB’s were “bred to race” or they “love to race”. Therefore, this sinister “sport” (I use the word “sport” loosely) must continue. I wonder if the fools, who utter those words, have visited Old Friends in Kentucky. None of those horses have a job other than just enjoying life as a horse.

      • Joy,

        Excellent summary.

        The most HEARTBREAKING PART to me of what you said is this..

        “to be trained and raced before physical maturity”

        “putting mental and physical well being at an increased risk, to be sold/moved from owner to owner and barn to barn (an incredible stressor for a creature that craves routine

        “Enslavement, abuse ”

        and then ……………………………

        thousands upon thousand of these HORSES forced to RACE end up DEAD.

    • Thank YOU, Claire!…for acknowledging the abuse and caring enough to want to do something about it! Thank you!

      I wish I had been like you…always realizing horse racing was exploitive and cruel. I used to believe the lies. Sure, here and there I would see breakdowns…learn of racehorses that were catastrophically injured and subsequently euthanized. And although each one made me sick, I thought those deaths were few and far between. I didn’t know that the majority of races taking place were the claiming races that “bread and butter horses” labored in every 2 or 3 weeks…many, many of them running with existing injuries. And I had no idea that horse racing was NOT what I watched with fascination on TV. I actually have a “library” of recorded TC and BC races…years and years of them. And even though there was this little voice that nudged me to see it like any other industry that enslaves animals for entertainment purposes, I perceived it just like the industry wanted me to…like one sees it on television the first Saturday in May. The lie.

  1. There is no defense for that abuse, Patrick. We’ll see if some racing apologist attempts to defend whipping the horse – AFTER THE RACE! These jockeys are so conditioned to wielding the abuse race after race, day after day, week after week…year after year. It’s their JOB. If they don’t “ride” them they could be subject to discipline! What an absolutely sick industry.

    • Whipping a horse after a race shows a sadistic personality…a person in need of some anger management, at the least. What really is upsetting also, is the fact the out of control behavior is ho-hum to stewards at the track. But again, this just shows there are NO RULES TO PROTECT THE HORSE including whipping the unfortunate horse after the race by no less than a sadistic angry jockey. And the jockey felt free to take out his frustration on a defenseless animal in full view because he knew there would be no consequences for his despicable act….some sport !!!

      I seriously doubt that any racing apologist will step forward to defend this, Joy. The abusive behavior is absolutely indefensible, even for the apologists.

      • I was told yesterday by a vet clinic while doing research that there is a STATE VET that we should be able to contact and lodge a complaint about different abuses like the ABUSE of the person whipping the horse after the race.

    • Joy, Kathleen, Rose, Claire,

      If you would like to complain about the whipping incident past the finish, you can write a letter to the following: Racing Secretary Samuel Elliott, Parx Racing, 3001 Street Road, Bensalem, PA 19020. The main switchboard number at Parx is 215-639-9000, and the Racing Office is extension X3310 if you prefer to call.

      Let our voices all be heard loud and clear. It must stop now!! The jockey needs to be fined substantially for his careless actions. Marlene Thornley

    • Unless you look for it on websites like this one, you can be watching the race and not know about these deaths because the camera only shows what it wants you to see. Its very deceiving. And something else that is sad is money makes people so cold and indifferent. I use to play on a online site that had a chat area so people could watch the races and chat at the same time. There are people that actually cheer for the horse to fall if its ahead of the horse they bet on. It’s really sickening.

  2. What’s with the “new” racing secretary at Parx, Sam Elliott? IF he’s so “experienced”, why all the “distanced” horses in 4/21 races? It happens occasionally — but something is horribly wrong at Parx. AND – Erilus Vaz? What does it take to prove oneself a total POS? Are stewards aware of the punishing whipping “Turn To Travis” endured AFTER the wire? I’ve watched the scum-jock, Corey Nakatani, do the same many times. I’ve called the SA stewards several times (from the Pimlico press box) to alert them to Nakatani’s abuse. Well – this Taz must see Nakatani as a “hero”. He should be ruled off now & forever – too many chances – too much vile anger. He obviously does not deserve to race ride! So – what’s your reply, Parx?

  3. First: horse racing is cruel ! The “athletes” are abused, mistreated, then dumped for sale at an auction – where the kill buyer is waiting for a good deal.
    Second: what the h*&$ is a horse supposed to “learn” when being beaten up AFTER the race ?
    Third: stop the nonsense of horse racing

  4. Speaking of race horse abuse.

    Methamphetamine Positive Lands Gorder 14-Month Suspension
    paulick report 4/22/2015

    Trainer Kellyn Gorder has been suspended one year and fined $5,000 by Kentucky Horse Racing Commission stewards after the discovery of methamphetamine in Bourbon Warfare, a 3-year-old Colonel John filly owned by Bourbon Lane Stable who finished first in a maiden special weight race at Churchill Downs Nov. 22, 2014.

    Gorder was suspended an additional 60 days when a barn search at Keeneland on Dec. 27, the day Gorder was notified of the methamphetamine positive, turned up injectable medications, syringes, needles and oral medications not properly labeled.

    The drug, classified by the Association of Racing Commissioners International as Class 1, was detected in a blood sample by LGC Science in Lexington and a split sample confirmed by the Maddy Laboratory at the University of California-Davis.

    Methamphetamine is a term used to describe a widely abused stimulant street drug, but it is also sold under the brand name Desoxyn to treat obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in humans.

    • You have got to be kidding?! They are giving horses meth? I thought for sure you were going to say the jockey tested positive. Any kind of amphetamine to a horse is wrong. They should not be suspended they should be revoked or whatever the word is that means forever kept from entering horses in horse races forever.

  5. Kathleen did you read any of the comments on Paulicks article ?? Bill Casner is denfending Mr. Gorder . Correct me if im wrong here here but isn’t that one of Mary and Joys favorite people to quote on drug abuse ??? Here Is his comment ” BILL CASNER • 8 hours ago
    I have known Kelly Gorder for 17 years and I promise you there is not a straighter arrow on the race track. He worked for us at WinStar and he has trained horses for me.
    Meth, as you stated, is a street drug and no trainer would be stupid enough to use it. It is detected with an elementary test and this particular positive was 20 pico-grams which translates to 20/10,000,000,000,000 or 20 ten trillions’ of a gram. This is obviously a residue from a trace contamination weeks prior and could in no way have effected performance. There is no stronger advocate for punishing cheaters than myself but in this is a case of serious injustice without any basic common sense to a very good person. Kellyn is the consummate HORSEMAN who has worked hard to build his reputation. With one fail swoop they have given him a career death sentence.”

    • It doesn’t stay in the system for weeks. 3 days, and amount as small as that probably less.

    • You ARE wrong, Laura (why not your full name, Laura?…you obviously sit safely “concealed” behind your computer and faithfully read this blog…funny how you and other apologists never comment on the scores of horses confirmed dead…but then, what the hell could you say?)…I don’t use Bill Casner’s own words in regards to the rampant and illegal drugging of horses only…I use his comments – a racing INSIDER’s comments, mind you – to underscore the filth in this industry. Thanks for bringing them up once more…loosely quoted…the racing industry is PERMEATED with those who have NO REGARD for the welfare of the racehorse. PERMEATED.

      And secondly Laura, how about you take yourself on over to the post Patrick put up this morning…about the poor mare named Tyeste. Read Gina Powell’s powerful comment…read it and see what sort of lack luster comment you can come up with.

    • Ray Paulick is a propagandist who refuses to show the truth of this sick industry. There are the types of people supporting the industry: the dupes who just don’t see, or have been so brainwashed as to believe the propaganda… Who refuse to look at the reality. They are to be pitied. Then there are those who know. Maybe they have a tinge of conscience. Maybe they even secretly hippie the industry will “change” but don’t say anything because racing people are taught from the beginning that anyone who speaks out is an enemy. Finally there are those who know, but don’t care. They trade their commodities. Count their blood money, and laugh at those who care. Each one of these groups is just a bit more reprehensible than the previous. This industry can not die quickly enough.

    • Laura, once again, as a pro-racing enthusiast, you seemed confused. Yes, I have quoted Bill Casner and I have quoted him as saying that racing is “permeated” with those that who have no regard for the horses…again, the word is “permeated” which, in my opinion, is a very strong word. If you have an issue with what Casner has said, I strongly suggest that you go after him. He is a racing supporter and yet he says that HIS industry is “permeated” with those who have no regard for the horses. That is a strong statement coming from someone who makes his living through animal exploitation.

      I have posted on this blog an analogy before but, once again, allow me to bring you up to speed. Let’s say you have two neighbors….one who beats his dog four times a day and one who beats his dog once a day. Obviously, the guy who beats his dog once a day is better than the guy that beats his dog four times a day, but both are animal abusers. Same with racing. There are some people who are better than others, but ALL engage in animal exploitation.

      There are those in racing who have spoken out against the industry, but, for whatever reason, nothing really changes. Then you have the “babblers” who are trying to “clean it up”. As I have stated time and time again, racing can’t be cleaned up. If racing could be cleaned up, someone, somehow, would have accomplished that goal by now.

  6. Eriluis Vaz is a chicken shit would-be rapist (he got caught before he could finish the job) who is the perfect example of the kind of scum that floats on top of the cesspool that is Parx. If anyone there wanted to even pretend to have a conscience or wish to show that there was a single good person in the industry he’d have never ridden again after his suspension. Sick twisted misogynistic low life scum like him will always show their true colors, whether taking out their frustrations for their sad little lives on women or animals. Parx deserves him.

    • I almost totally agree with your comments about Vaz, raysaputeLLi —- and I stand by mine (above)! But, your close…..that “Parx deserves him”? No. Humans & animals do not deserve the abuse & torture of scum like Vaz. I hope you’ll join me and others with appeals to PARX stewards, owners, racing authorities to rule him off. How Corey Nakatani has continued his career, with his frequent & hideous temper issues & sticking horses after the wire, is beyond justification. If we don’t speak up….nothing happens.

      • Ann. I agree. My comment was more to the point that scum deserves scum. That track… And racing in general… Can’t die quickly enough.

  7. Joy and Mary,

    I am part of several groups on facebook that are Against horse slaughter and they were asking people to try and give their money to anti horse slaughter rescue groups.

    Some groups pretend they are anti slaughter only to collect horses and hand them over to kill buyers.

    Do you have a list you could give to me that I could share with them.

    the group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1560939207528435/

    • Kathleen, I don’t know of any legitimate rescues who gather horses up and then hand them over to the kill buyer. You may be confusing a rescue with a horse dealer or a broker. Christy Sheidy, who ran AC4H, was a horse dealer/broker who worked with Brian Moore, a contract kill buyer who ships to a slaughterhouse in Canada. Sheidy has lost her 501c3 status and was raided by the FBI a couple of years ago. However, I know TB’s, that have been adopted out by legitimate rescues, have been found in kill pens and at kill auctions. I have heard that several New Vocations horses have been found in bad situations and two Remember Me Rescue horses “disappeared” into the slaughter pipeline. I have told the story here on this blog of Goobanader who was adopted out by CANTER and ended up at Sugarcreek. The problem, as I see it, is that everyone has good intentions when a horse is adopted into a “forever” home. However, some go without contracts and that was the situation with the Remember Me horses. Some go with a one year contract (New Vocations). The bottom line is that many rescues want to move bodies. New Vocations prides itself on the number of horses that they adopt out annually. Most do end up in a good place but some will fall through the cracks. Circumstances change with people…lost jobs, divorces, financial challenges. What is a wonderful home today may not be a wonderful home tomorrow. Of course, you then have the rescues, such as Race Horse Reclaim and Lope who won’t take the horse back if there is a change in circumstances. One must thoroughly investigate the policies of any rescue before sending them your hard earned money. I trust very few.

      • Do NOT donate to Race Horse Reclaim in Micanopy, Florida. RHR is run by Deb Adams. She adopts out without a contract and then refuses to answer if she has a contract or doesn’t have one. I have also caught her in a couple of lies. I sent a horse to her by the name of Sneak Around and she “flipped” Sneaky in 10 days. That isn’t enough time to evaluate/assess the horse. Adams lacks transparency and good judgement. Therefore, she should be avoided.

  8. One of the best is ACE Rescue run by Brenda Lewis in Columbia Station, Ohio. There is another one, that takes Standardbreds, by the name of Horse Rescue United that I like. Both of those rescues are currently full but I have donated to both

  9. Wondering if anyone got anywhere with contacts to Parx or the State Vet. I was stonewalled on calls to Parx, and no reply as yet to letter to state vet.

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