Casualties of Gambling, 4/13/15-4/19/15

The following horses were raceday casualties on American tracks last week:

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead
Wise Remark, Parx

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead
Charm City Dancer, Parx
T I Doublegrrr, Sunland
Erratic Storm, Turf
Daybreak Dreamer, Will Rogers
Ninety Five South, Parx
Mo’s a Wine Snob, Turf
Holy Corinthian, Aqueduct
Foxie’s Sly Won, Hawthorne
Sayaad, Keeneland
Zenstone, Aqueduct (later confirmed dead)
Alphabet Dancer, Aqueduct
Macho Peachy, Charles Town
Diamond Flush, Golden Gate
Summer Fascination, Golden Gate
Devil’s Gate, Charles Town
Dreaming of Danny, Gulfstream
Mystery Man, Los Alamitos
Circular Drive, Penn
Arty’s Cigar, Tampa Bay
Deceived, Aqueduct
Double Bogey Blues, Charles Town
Down Town Allen, Charles Town
Shared Belief, Charles Town
Three Hundred, Middleburg
The Lizzard King, Sam Houston
Diversy Harbor, Santa Anita
River of Aces, Emerald
Must Be Magic, Tamp Bay
Gypsy Rain, Turf

Well Noted Lady, Mahoning, “appeared in distress late”
Gallagher’s Pride, Mahoning, “stopped badly”
Graced With Power, Parx, “stumbled badly,” DNF

(source: Equibase)

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  1. Yeah, Shared Belief!!
    Should be unbelievable – poor guy even shipped to Charles Town by his rich owners.

    HOW MUCH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IS ENOUGH?

    • Sue, Shared Belief isn’t reported as dead here. I believe everyone reading here knows he was “merely” pulled up and vanned off with an injury. There is discussion about his injury on another thread.

      As far as the jockey being “caring” (I believe it was Mike Smith), did you mean he CARED about the gelding?…or he CARED about keeping an expensive racing machine in one piece, not to mention he CARED to protect this abusive industry he finds his employment in from a spotlight of scrutiny if one of its stars breakdowns catastrophically?

    • Sue,

      I reported that SHARED BELIEF had been injured based on the Paulick report..

      Paulick report rarely reports when horses are injured. Generally, it is only when they have won a lot of money that the Paulick report writes comments about an injured horse. Joy reported in a blog post that this horse has won millions of dollars for his owners.

      I think every INJury of every race horse should be reported by the Media than more people in the world would realize what is happening at the racetrack in terms of death and injuries.

      This is the only website that reports injuries and deaths of racehorses that I have found Ever.

  2. Shared. Belief would not have been at that awful track but for the following : He is a gelding.
    The purse was irestible to the greedy connections. The love of the money trumps the “love” or the safety of the gelding.
    There is no money to made once the gelding’s racing days are over.
    And with such a high profile gelding it would not look too good to dump him in a claiming race once he is off his game, the norm for the not so big winners . Therefore, he may even (shudder!). cost his owners money when he has to be retired.

  3. I know I haven’t commented on here in a while and there have been reasons but we won’t get into that now. Mike Smith pulled up this horse because something felt off – he saved this horses life. To pull a horse liek Shared Belief up in a $1.5 million race because he suspected something was wrong – and despite criticisms, his intuitions proved to be right. He saved this horse from further injury and I really this he should get some credit for that. But let the bashing begin…

    • Ms. McGinniss, a four year old with a hip fracture? Again, I have been involved with horses for 50 years and I have NEVER seen a four year old with a hip fracture except in the racing industry. Yes, I am not only criticizing SB’s connections, including Mr. Smith, but I am criticizing the racing industry, as well. I’m sure I have given the pro-racing folks, such as yourself, an excellent opportunity to begin the bashing, right?

      • I understand your anger Joy, really. I can recall right now name-calling anyone on here – but really? Has it resorted to that? The definition of a “troll” as I was called is “to post inflammatory or inappropriate messages or comments on (the Internet, especially a message board) for the purpose of upsetting other users and provoking a response.” Nothing about my message was inappropriate – and although I knew a response would follow – I didn’t exactly provoke a response. I could go on but my attempts at trying to have a conversation would be futile – yes, I commented on this post starting the conversation – but I am only stating my own personal beliefs on the issue. Have a great day

      • Ms. McGinnis, no, you don’t understand our anger. If you did, you would be anti-racing. Instead of questioning Joy calling you a “troll”, you should be questioning your racing colleague, Ms. Marilyn “Lynn” Boggs. You know, the Boggs that called Patrick a “sick fuck” on a pro-racing enthusiast’s FB page. I sincerely hope you scolded the Boggs woman. As far as “provoking a response”, I think that is exactly your intention when you come to an anti-racing blog and make comments praising Mr. Smith and the racing industry. You want a response or you would save your tired comments for a pro-racing site.

        In regards to you not commenting on here in awhile, we do NOT want you to elaborate on the reasons why. We simply don’t care. We do care about Shared Belief just as we care about ALL the horses injured/destroyed in the racing industry. Your words…”to pull a horse LIKE SB up in a $1.5 million dollar race”….what the hell difference does it make if the horse was SB or Cajun Brad? It makes no difference to me but perhaps you are “dazzled” by the glamorous part of horseracing. Nothing about it impresses or dazzles me. In fact, it sickens me.

        Yes, your attempts at having a conversation with us are futile. However, I did notice that some of your posts have better sentence structure/grammar than others. Just an observation…

      • Let’s just say English wasn’t my best subject in school – and why should it matter what my sentence structure looks like? Why are we choosing to nit-pick at that? Let’s just stay on the subject of the abhorrent “abuse” in this industry, shall we? Anyways, I agree with what Laura said – it doesn’t matter who the horse is – whenever a horse is pulled up usually means the jock senses something wrong and stops the horse from further injuring themselves. And Mary, as I have said before, please keep my friends out of this, quit mentioning their names on this site, it is none of your business!

      • Ms. McGinnis, you are going to decide what someone else can say or discuss on a forum that YOU don’t even agree with? Surely you jest! By the way, tell Boggs to mind her own business. I consider Patrick a friend and Boggs has NO right to call him a name on any public forum. However, we must not forget that one of her pro-racing colleagues gave Boggs a “platform” on which to spew her venom.

        As far as jockeys, their goal is to win the race. Winning means more money in their pockets and makes them look good in the eyes of the trainer. More mounts = more money. Yes, Smith did the right thing but it is what he SHOULD have done. He doesn’t get a pat on the back for doing the right thing. It is to be expected. Got it?

    • Britto5 , I agree with you Mike did the right thing . Ive known Mike since he was a apprentice and he would have done the same thing no matter what horse it was .For that matter, so would every other rider i know . A 55.00 jock mount is not worth the horses life or your own . What Joy or Mary are failing to mention here ( with all their years and years of experience on the backside) is that “pulled up ” “eased” means the same for all the claimers on the list as it does for Shared Belief . The rider was trying to protect the horse and himself along with the rest of the field .

      • Laura, you stated the jockey did the right thing. What’s the big deal here? The jockey had no choice but to pull up this horse because it had suffered a serious injury and he would’ve known that for sure. The horse could’ve gone down in a few more steps. You appear to be implying that Mike was a hero. Well, I hate to disappoint you, he is no hero, the racehorses are the heroes and in particular the geldings and we know what goes on with them don’t we!

    • Britto5, I agree with Jo-Anne Ward, Joy, Rose, Mary, Kathleen and Marlene so I will not reiterate. However, having investigated and researched the deaths and serious injuries of racehorses for the past 5 years in the State where I am and coming from a family that has raced thoroughbreds since the early 1800s, I can tell you this:-
      An experienced jockey knows when something has gone amiss with the horse underneath him. He will pull up the horse because he knows there’s no point in continuing on – NONE WHATSOEVER!
      Just like a racing car driver will realise something has gone amiss with his car, he knows the race is over for himself and the car and pulls in at the pit stop or wherever it’s safe. A Formula 1 car has cost a lot of money to produce/purchase with the expensive costs continuing to maintain the racing of that car.
      Horse fractures his hip – racing car breaks its suspension. Neither horse nor car can go on.

      Now, I don’t have the time to check Shared Belief’s profile but I gather he’s a valuable horse. The jockey did not do anything wonderful in pulling up this horse, the fact of the matter is that the jockey HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO PULL UP THE HORSE! It’s as simple as that Britto5.
      Unlike a racing car, the racehorse is a living creature that is an intelligent, sentient being that feels pain.
      All the more reason to pull out of the race one would think.
      A fractured hip is serious and depending on the severity of that injury, I wouldn’t be surprised if the jockey heard the crack. Yes, jockeys have reported to me when I was doing my research that they heard a bone crack but these instances were not necessarily a hip injury.

      I’ve already posted this link on another subject today but I’ll post it again here

      Here is a renowned equine orthopedic surgeon re giving a series of Lectures on “FIXING BROKEN HORSES” pictured with the ill-fated BARBARO. Says it all!

      I sincerely hope one day Britto that you truly understand and realise what horseracing is all about because I suspect that you view it from a certain angle and you don’t seem to be able to shift from that and evolve.

  4. Some racing apologists make our job of exposing the ugly truths so much easier! “To pull up a horse LIKE Shared Belief in a 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR RACE (loosely quoted)…ah yes, to pull up a horse like Shared Belief….a horse LIKE Shared Belief…yep, we got your point, racing supporters. Horses LIKE Shared Belief have so much more value to the likes of you, doesn’t he?…he’s “worthy”…funny how I’ve never seen the trolls pop up on the weekly lists Patrick posts of horses eased and pulled up and vanned off and scream “The jockey was just doing the right thing!!…saving the horse’s life!!…a horse like “Brownie” in a 5K claiming race!” And the comical thing is that you – racing supporter/troll – don’t even recognize how YOU prove our point!!

    Yes, it’s a damn good thing SB is an expensive racing machine…that he is NOT LIKE the majority of THOUSANDS of “cheap claimers” would not have received the same consideration. Put an expensive racehorse on a national stage after all the media pre-race hype, and that jockey better damn well pull up that broken-down horse!…the powers that be in this industry would have had Smith’s head on the chopping block if he had allowed a catastrophic injury to occur by making him run on!! This dying industry can’t take too many more big hits and have a horse LIKE Shared Belief die in the dirt!

  5. Joy is absolutely right, the reason he was pulled up is because he garnered special attention because he is a big money horse. How many thousands of horses in the claiming ranks do you think would get any special attention. They die broken down in the dirt every day, and many were whipped to their deaths by the precious, caring, loving, jockeys. Huh!!! What a joke.

    I hope they have enough sense to do the right thing for “Shared Belief” and retire him before he too dies in the dirt. Racing him again would be the most careless, callous thing they could do. It’s no mystery what these wonderful, loving, owners will do when there is big money to be made Britt 05….Marlene Thornley

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