Mr. Giovanna Dead at Parx

4-year-old Mr. Giovanna is dead after breaking down in the 1st yesterday at Parx. As this gelding was still being whipped at the maiden claiming level (10 races, barely $8,000 earnings), his passing will go largely unnoticed. In other words, don’t expect to read thoughts, prayers, and RIPs in the Paulick Report. The dead horse’s people: Francisco Valentin, Edward Coletti, GPS Family Stable, Joseph King.

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  1. Oh Rest In Peace – gallant Mr. Giovanni. WHile I regret your tragic passing and yearn for the taking of justice against those wh abused you, I know you would not. You sought peace and company during the travesty of racing. You were brave, kind and enduring. If you had struck back, you’d have been openly shamed and feared and some would say you deserved to be slaughtered. But you did not strike back. You embodied the spirit of forgiveness for which so many of the humans claim to. Know well. How will we pay our pennance? Because we will.

  2. Sad. The industry is defenseless and inhumane, and the people who support it either blind, brainwashed, or equally defenseless.

  3. Rest in peace Mr. Giovanna. Your spirit is no longer trapped in that body and your free now.

  4. Anyone looking at Mr. Giovanna’s racing record could see the horse was not up to the task and yet his connections kept starting him until he was finally killed. He raced at that awful track, Parx, for all 10 of his races.
    The fate of the so called claimer, is death in the dirt or a trip to slaughter.

    One never hears anything about this from the proponents of the sport although this is by far the norm.

  5. Sad as it may seem some of these horses are needed to fill the races for the other 25% that are legitamate contenders.Although i agree more care should be taken to there racing soundness.Some of you out there are going a little far with the soul talk lets try to keep it in reality.What may iask do we do with these unworthy contenders.Are you willing to use your bill money to save them.How bout comes to this MR. Giovani goes to killer or you save him but have to use your rent money to do it.How maney heroes out there let me know

    • Tim Pape…the goal here is to assist the racing industry to its slow but certain demise. You see, we don’t see it like you do…that “some of these horses”, as you put it, should be used to fill races – because there should not be ANY races to fill!

      Secondly, why must WE – the non-race public – foot the bill for saving the sentient creatures callously crippled and discarded by an industry we abhor? We’re not employed in it, so what makes you think we need to clean up after those who “make the mess”? I don’t ask others to take on the responsibility of my no-longer-useful horses!

      Thirdly, there were not just two options for Mr. Giovanna – slaughter or veterinary care/rehab. But it’s quite telling that you mentioned JUST those two options. Chilling.

      And lastly, you make a point (unknowingly, I’m sure) that is one of the biggest problems in this industry…and that is, if one must choose between doing the right thing for their injured racehorse OR paying the rent, one shouldn’t be owning racehorses. I witnessed it all the time.

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