The Racing Industry’s Broken Bodies, 3/30/15-4/5/15

The following horses were raceday casualties on American tracks last week:

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead
Starstruck Slew, Tampa Bay
Ellies Tattle Tale, Pimlico

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead
Mr. Bob, Turf
Had to Happen, Mahoning
Mr. Sutton, Mountaineer
Reigning Rubies, Turf
Crony Capitalism, Charles Town
Tax Scratch Fever, Fonner
Zoomin for Time, Sunland
Watch for Corona, Sunland
I’ll Be Dom, Sunland
Hot as a Cat, Los Alamitos
Five Seasons, Oaklawn
Two Times Flashy, Remington
Tres Seis Luvbug, Sam Houston
Bad Debt, Tampa Bay
Rmn Lady La Jolla, Turf
Evening Light, Turf
Here Comes the Sun, Golden Gate
Sensitively, Santa Anita
Bourne Hot, Santa Anita
Cowboy Hennessy, Sunland
Raised With Pride, Sunland

Go Bob Go, Mahoning, “stopped badly while appearing in distress”
Hanky Doodle, Parx, fell, DNF
El Tiempo Bandido, Mahoning, “stopped badly”
Tuscan Getaway, Gulfstream, “reported as having bled during race”
Simple Snyder, Mahoning, “returned sore”
Major Dude, Oaklawn, “returned bleeding”
Landry Jack, Penn, “collapsed in distress on the turn”
Diamonds Finest, Fonner, “pulled up in distress”
Starry Cielo, Golden Gate, “stopped badly”

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  1. And the vile insiders will call this unfortunate. They will say “injuries happen in sports.” Forgetting that in true sports the athletes have choice to play or sit out.

      • no horse slaughter Ortiz,

        When you say you worked with AFFIRMED.

        Does that mean you worked with the race horse named AFFIRMED ?

        • Every morning, 7 days a week including Christmas. That’s how the track rolls. ( I was very intricate in his career, I was his ” hotwalker ” LOL ) But seriously? Yes. My husband was asst trainer & saddled Affirmed when he won the Triple Crown because the trainer, Laz B. had just had a triple bypass. I walked Affirmed often, maybe too many times. When he had colic & Pablo & I would spend all night walking him in California then start all over at 5:30 AM with 40 horses in the barn. Glad I was young then!

    • That’s right, raysaputelli…racing supporters claim “it’s just part of the game” and “injuries happen to all athletes in all sports”. Yet not one single horse signed up “to play”. Not one. Apologists want to call the horses “athletes”, but in what other professional sport do the athletes fall from the elite level – making millions – to the “rec leagues” in order to eek out a living? Even if we do see Tiger Woods in the Masters this year, you can be certain he won’t be limping around on some cheap golf course in X years, earning just enough to pay for a one-bedroom apartment on the wrong side of the tracks and his nightly meals of mac-n-cheese. Yet that is what the racing industry does to its “athletes”, the horses….all the time.

  2. Behind Closed Doors, deals made, Wealthy Ranchers, Wealthy Cattlemen, too many dollars to mention, double decker vans, cruel slaughter, BLM roundups, the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Assoc) excessive breeding just for kill, unscrupulous people & gov’ts including our own seeing $$$ versus morality, horses racing on display to make you a buck (see below), Amish selling their drafts to slaughter, Native American leaders turning their backs on their people & heritage for a buck for a horse, kill buyers at every auction like a hyena, foals separated from their mothers because Momma went to slaughter. I could go on & on. The fact that OUR Gov’t has lied over & over again about wanting to save our horses from slaughter. TY Obama & Susana Martinez for NADA! May whoever has intentionally sent a horse to slaughter ROT IN HELL

  3. AMEN, nonhorseslaughter you summed it up !!

    Last week I saw 18 horses confiscated from a kill buyer/shipper. The horses ranged in age from yearlings to around 20 years, some may have been younger or older. They were a pitiful sight and the thought was that about 75% would have died in transit to Mexico because of their poor condition. Also, the kill buyer had already shot many of the “herd” because they could not be loaded on to the trucks. This scenario plays out all over the country. America’s dirty little “secret”. The only reason this guy was ‘caught”: was because of a whistleblower something politicians are hard at work to criminalize at the behest of big Ag and others.

    And yes, at least 6 of the said horses were Thoroughbreds. Most were Quarter horses or that type. As we know, the AQA is pro slaughter. I wonder if that illustrious association would approve of the scene I witnessed because that and worse is what has their full support.

    • Oh Rose….a scene that will never leave your memory. And isn’t it TRAGIC and HEARTBREAKING that the horses who were shot were lucky in comparison to the horses having to endure the tortuous trip to and the unspeakable death in the slaughterhouse! Kill buyers…how do they reconcile the immense suffering they cause to living creatures?!?!? And can you believe this, there is an equine rescue’s founder who publicly thanked a kill buyer for dropping off a horse at her farm! I’ve seen the equivalent from a pro-racing blogger who writes stories about OTTB’s… thanked the kill buyer for selling a horse to a rescue. Unreal…

  4. It’s so hard to read the names of these horses along with “pulled up in distress”, “stopped badly”, or “returned sore”…but it’s even more difficult to read about – then visualize – the horses that collapse or fall. For a creature that will do everything in their power and ability to stay on their feet, it’s horrific and frightening for them to crash to the ground.

    -Landry Jack, a dark bay mare not yet 6 years old, was raced on March 28 in a 4K at Penn..she “tired”. Then her owner (Cachet TB’s) and trainer (John Locke) raced her only six days later, again at Penn (on a sealed track) and in another 4K (with an inflated purse). Landry Jack COLLAPSED IN DISTRESS.

    -the 5-year-old bay gelding Hanky Doodle, MSP, “clipped…heels…and FELL”.

    -Sensitively is (or was) only three years old…a little bay filly. It was only her second start on April 5. Sensitively “FELL…past the wire”, “got up and was vanned off.”

    -and then there is Tres Seis Luvbug…she just turned TWO in January. TWO YEARS OLD. That’s the equivalent of a 6-year-old little girl. The bay QH filly was in her very first race….”injured”, “FELL after wire”.

    What “thrills”, eh racing supporters and fans? Do you think Landry Jack, Hanky Doodle, Sensitively, and Tres Seis Luvbug found crashing to the dirt “thrilling” and exhilarating”?…or can you, if you have the GUTS, picture the terror and confusion in their eyes?

  5. Racehorse Memorial Wall doesn’t have much info just that “anonymous” reported that Hot as a Cat died.

  6. ‘Had to Happen’ reported as vanned off ‘Mahoning’ recently, won 11 starts and placed 12 times.
    None of this matters, of course, because his last race was “just one of those things.”
    The regular crap we hear from every racetrack everywhere.

    Had to Happen was sired by BOLD EXECUTIVE. I drive past his former home sometimes.
    Gardiner Farms in Caledon East, 20 minutes from Woodbine race track. Gardiner Farms switched hands in recent years, operating as Paradox but now Mapleville.

    EMPTY paddocks on huge property magnify my sadness – knowing exactly where –
    so many horses have gone.
    Stallions like PHILANTHROPIST, WHERE’S THE RING and TRAJECTORY among others once stood there.

    I’m thankful for Horseracingwrongs

    Dead horses ‘Finally Together’ and ‘Executive Driven’ listed here previously were sired by BOLD EXECUTIVE

    Also, a gelding named ‘Executive Barlee’ currently on my watch list.

    Because DEALER Miss Lindsey K. Jones – should you ever read this site – remember you and I are Not friends.
    Your lied about your role as I and realtor know.
    You sold Executive Barlee from deceased tb owner Herb Chambers farm to Woodbine trainer and like most BOLD EXECUTIVE kids eventually found himself at Mahoning.

    • Hello, by accident I found your post. I have Barlee here in Ocala. My daughter is training him to be a hunter. He is a total joy and came to us from Toronto in excellent condition.

      • Mary whoever you are.
        I’m requesting that you send verification that you have Barlee now, and that he’s safe.
        I request that you send a pic of his tattoo on the upper lip with a time stamp on it.
        This can be easily done with any cell phone.
        There are many people that come on this Blog stating that they have an OTTB, and that it’s safe.
        However, when pressed for verification nothing is ever provided leading me to the conclusion that the information is not correct.
        So I’m requesting this information.
        If not provided then I will assume things said here are not correct.

  7. Albert Schweitzer said the following:

    We Must Fight Against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with we treat the animals.

    Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them.

    It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it.

    Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.

    • Ya for sure Kathleen. ” True humanity does not allow us to impose sufferings on them”.
      I meant to add to my above comments that JONES sold 2tb geldings, 2tb mares, and also 1stdb mare, that day from Chambers farm….for $200 each horse. I tried to stop it but couldn’t. i HAD ONLY ORIGINIALLY GONE THERE TO THAT FARM TO LOOK AT STALLS SUPPOSEDLY AVAILABLE. I offered her $ to try to save one of the tb mares and she wouldn’t take it. I believe those horses all ended up at SLAUGHTER!
      Also, at that time, Executive Barlee wasn’t gelded. That chestnut colt wasn’t loading on trailer properly so JONES pulled him off at the last minute and told the 2 lowlife scum guys there to just take the rest.
      The next morning I drove back to that farm with abt $500 to try and buy Executive Barlee. She said he had no JC papers but wanted at least $2000 for him that afternoon. Next thing I knew he showed up at Woodbine, next stop Ohio. Better not be making any border crossings to Quebec.

  8. Jo-Anne

    DEALER Miss Lindsey K. Jones -did she send those horses to slaughter ?

    Do you Where EXECUTIVE BARLEY is now?

    Do you know what trainer he was sold to ?

    • Yes Kathleen that’s the last official chart on Executive Barlee. I don’t know where he is today.
      Chances are if I drive over and ask trainer Zeljko Krcmar, I might hear something like
      “Oh, he found a great home or “Ya, he’ll be back training soon or ” Who are you lady and why do you care?

      Heres the thing, Krcmar has historically mixed company with other misery than just paying Jones.
      Krcmar knows Ohio trainer Rodney Faulkner and former Ontario trainer Dominic Polsinelli.
      5-6 yrs ago Polsinelli horses were apparently sold at auction under Inn Keepers Act
      I did see that legal notice in newspaper. Its a fact trainer Chris Jolin sent tbs to kill so it made me wonder if Dominic and Amanda Ouellette were on a possible scout mission themselves back when they travelled to Transition Thoroughbreds to visit the Press Exclusive mare saved from slaughter quite some time ago now.
      Leah Ouellette is I think, the common law wife of Jolin and horses race under her name.
      I’ve seen 2 of Jolin tbs myself after their rescue at my friends farm. Sir Viva and Southern Flame.
      Viva, boney with his face cut. Flame, she had back injury.
      Jolin started horses at woodbine this past Saturday/Sunday

      Evil travels in continuous, vicious circles when it comes to all these people in the race industry.

      The only LIVING thoroughbred I know of for sure (from too many owned by Chambers) is Chilkoot Pass.
      Bred by Herb Chambers he ran 2 days ago at woodbine.
      The current trainer and owner of Chilkoot Pass are the Mordens. Chambers trainer before his death. Unfortunately, Mordens in past, have cleaned house by unloading some tb to the Faulkner boys.
      Probably, only reason Chilkoot wasn’t at Chambers farm that day is because Mordens said were still owed $ by Chambers so likely kept horse as payment. They likely were owed but 9 wins to date so who knows.
      But is older gelding and a bottom claim.Basically another horse on my watch list.
      Chamber had some tb at Openwood Farm in Caledon.
      Susan Rasmussen, another non friend of mine. She sued Chamber estate for $ owed. No problem but her factory farm of 70+ horses (with her and barn help) is pretty much a given year after year.
      I paid her about $15,000 when I had mine boarded there foolishly back in the days.
      Now I sure wish I had of bought a farm myself when I finally realizing, no horse is ever safe
      and I had to keep mine for life!
      Rasmussen sent her homebred geldings Swinton and Herluf off to Mountaineer years ago,
      when they could no longer compete at woodbine for the higher purses.
      Before I pulled mine out of there, she said one day, it might be time for Marcelino to vacant.
      I forgot to ever try and follow up on his whereabouts. Marcellino is gelding, probably a half brother to one of the mares loaded off Chambers farm from Jones that day when Executive Barlee was held back.

      So again, the evil in racing just spins in circles viciously.
      Same as horses legs spin, in sheer terror while in the kill box at Quebec and Alberta meat slaughter plants.
      Our Prime Minister Harper thinks this is ok. Him leaving office is what I look forward to.
      That will be some good news for a change.

  9. Barlee is alive and well in ocala. He was retired by zelco 2015 sound and sane to pursue a second career. I have no knowledge of the other claims but Barlee is most definitely alive and well. please check your facts before saying horse was sent to kill pen.

    • Until I see a pic of his tattoo with time stamp on it then I will believe what you say Maggie.
      I have too much experience with comments about grassy paddocks with no evidence to back-up the claim.

  10. Mary self has barlee on her farm, as she has already said, but of course you won’t believe it without proof.

    • No Maggie.
      I won’t believe it until I can confirm what you’ve stated herein.
      So just give us the name and phone number of the farm so we can verify.
      Or, provide a pic with the tattoo visible, and time stamp on it.

  11. Mary self posted on here that she has the horse so you already know who to get in touch with her. She posted here on may 16 2016 that she had the horse. A simple phone to the trainers in question could also provide you with information.

    • You came on this blog to say this:” please check your facts before saying horse was sent to kill pen.”
      So your statement confirmed that you knew EXACTLY where the horse was, and yet you can’t provide me with the information?
      So who needs to get their facts straight?
      Which Mary do you mean?
      There are many posts from different Mary’s here.
      Do you mean Mary Johnson?

  12. I don’t know Mary Self personally but I do know this horse. He is with her, and she posted here as well. Review the posts.

    • So you have not seen the horse safe, and sound.
      Yet, you came on this Blog pretty much accusing people of lying.
      You have NO CLUE whether this horse is with her whatsoever.
      Neither one of you have provided PROOF & EVIDENCE that this horse is with her and safe.
      So I don’t believe anything until the FACTS are confirmed.

  13. I do know he is there safe and sound. Just because I don’t know Mary Self herself doesn’t not mean that I don’t know anything about the horse. what reason could Mary self possible have to lie? I knew this horse when he was racing and get updates on him now that he’s retired. Not from Mary herself but through his old connections, but you won’t believe it since we are all lie. As I said earlier I cannot comment on anything else in this post, but this horse for a fact is alive and well believe it or not. Mary and myself have told you that, you guys claim to make every effort to find the truth out so do that. Get in contact with her, call the old trainer himself etc. In this day of social media it’s easy to find someone. But then you wouldn’t believe them anyway. Not everyone in the world lies. But when I make a statement I learn my facts and do some investigating before I start accusing. Everyone is not a big monster in sheep clothing.

    • You have not backed up your claims after repeated requests.
      You have not provided the REAL name of Mary so how do you expect anybody to find her – if she exists.
      So you have NO FACTS as far as I’m concerned.
      Until you can provide this information then accusations should not fly.

  14. I have provided you with her real name Mary Self. she posted here herself. Just like me im sure she left her email or as like most people has a Facebook profile. Shouldn’t be that hard to find her. not exactly a common name there can’t be too many and not a lot living in ocala, Florida.

    • Peddle your trash to the pro-horse racing people.
      You are the ones solely responsible for this horse who is probably on a plate in France right now.

  15. Ocala is a long way from France. Again you guys are the ones claiming to do research on the horses from racing so do that. All the time you have spent arguing with me could have been spent talking to Mary Self and finding out for yourself that the horse is alive and well.

    • Canada is even farther than Ocala, which is where most are slaughtered.
      You stated something without backing it up so the onus is on you to verify your information.

  16. No I gave you information about the where abouts for a horse. I and the person themselves have spoken up as to his where abouts. You choose to disbelieve when a simple message on email, Facebook etc to the contact provided could provide yet more information. Yet you ignore the information, how many more horses are alive and well that you have chosen to ignore the information provided and misinform? at the very least investigate the information provided. After all you spend loads of time looking for the broken down ones, one might think you would be happy to hear that one might not have been hurt as you believe and do an investigation of your own. Instead of this you spend time arguing with me about what I can and cannot provide. I choose to believe that most that have no reason to lie for example how would Mary benefit from lying in this case, would not. she does not benefit from lying about this, nor do I. So why would I? Once again, contact Mary Self for more information on Executive Barlee. She does have a Facebook profile and I’m sure her email address was also provided when she made her comment here, the same as mine is everytime I make a new comment.

  17. I guess actually contacting the parties involved with this horse is too much work, much easier to just disregard information.

    • Your information is FALSE Maggie.
      Go tell your pro-horse racing friends to do the work since they are the ones solely responsible for the DYING, and dumping of racehorses.

    • Take your fibs not backed up by facts to your pro-horse racing friends.
      When you state facts then back them up.
      You haven’t done so.

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