Fair Grounds’ 2014 Dead

Through a “Public Records Act” request, I have confirmed the following 14 raceday kills (the Commission did not forward training deaths, so this list is far from complete) at Louisiana’s Fair Grounds in 2014:

3-year-old Aunt Meanie, January 1, Fair Grounds 9, “fracture distal limb”

3-year-old Classic Ford, January 4, Fair Grounds 10, “fracture fetlock”

2-year-old Top Data, January 20, Fair Grounds 9, “acute fracture”

3-year-old Hickissippi, January 23, Fair Grounds 10, “open fracture”

3-year-old Warrior’s Image, February 1, Fair Grounds 9, “acute fracture”
chart merely said “went wrong, vanned off”

3-year-old Astronomer, February 17, Fair Grounds 1, “open fracture”

6-year-old The Program, March 6, Fair Grounds 8, “fracture”

2-year-old Miss Da Sunrise, March 7, Fair Grounds 4, “fracture”

9-year-old Coppers Fit, September 5, Fair Grounds 6, “acute fracture”
chart said finished fine

2-year-old Game Obsession, September 5, Fair Grounds 7, “open displaced fracture”
chart merely said “fell”

4-year-old Oh Juliet, December 21, Fair Grounds 5, “open acute compound fracture”

3-year-old Wide Eyed Ide, December 29, Fair Grounds 5, “displaced slab fracture”
chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off”

3-year-old Four Lakes, December 31, Fair Grounds 3, “compound fracture distal limb”
chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off”

2-year-old Exit West, December 31, Fair Grounds 5, “compound fracture distal limb”
chart merely said “went wrong, pulled up, vanned off”

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  1. Ms. Moss just received a wonderful honor at this hell hole track. It was announced that she was “Owner of the Year”. I wonder if Moss knows about ALL the horses, at her beloved track, that died in the dirt so that she, and her colleagues, could experience the “thrill” of horseracing. No, I don’t think so. I think Moss is totally detached from the atrocities in racing. Perhaps she loves the money, and the accolades, more than the horses. Not surprising, at all!

  2. http://www.thehorse.com/articles/35541/rmtc-board-approves-cobalt-threshold?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=health-news&utm_campaign=03-31-2015

    The above link refers to a recent Cobalt drug decision.
    A warning for the first offence? Fines? As if that’s going to be any kind of a deterrent.
    Deliberately ineffective, I suspect – what a joke!

    These people are seriously incompetent and failing in their duty of care to its number one participant, the horse. UTTERLY SHAMEFUL!

    For anyone who is unaware of the affect on a horse when injected with the drug Cobalt and would like to know, may I suggest you read the following link –


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