Only Josie Knows Dead in Santa Anita “Spill”

In the 7th race at Santa Anita yesterday, Only Josie Knows, two days shy of her 5th birthday, broke down and was euthanized. In yet another example of the relatively worthless nature of racehorses, witness this Blood-Horse article on the “spill”:

Jockey Tiago Pereira was taken to the hospital March 29 after a spill in the seventh race at Santa Anita Park. Pereira was thrown into the air and hit the grass when 5-year-old mare Only Josie Knows broke down in deep stretch of the mile allowance/optional claiming turf race. After an extended amount of time on the grass surface, the jockey was lifted into an ambulance on a backboard and appeared to be equipped with a neck brace.

Pereira was taken to Methodist Hospital, immediately southwest of the Arcadia, Calif. track, but x-rays showed no damage and the jockey was released. Agent Joe Griffin said Pereira’s back is sore, but that he is resting at home. “It really is amazing after that spill,” Griffin said.

Only Josie Knows, by Rio Verde out of Dinner Bell, by Alydeed, was owned by Josie Goldberg and trained by Oscar Garcia. She sustained a compound fracture in her right front leg and was euthanized.

Not until the final sentence of this multi-paragraph write-up do we learn the horse’s fate. Why? Because beyond her capacity to earn for her people, Only Josie Knows did not matter – not in life, certainly not in death. This is horseracing.

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  1. Killed just as she becomes an adult. Yes, Patrick, Only Josie Knows does not matter, dead or alive, to this business, just like countless others

  2. This was the first time I had ever been to a horse race and it will definitely be my last. I saw this poor horse’s accident happen yesterday right in front of me. I was searching for news stories to see how she was doing. Couldn’t find any mention in any racing news websites and then I stumbled on this. I was shocked, horrified and saddened to hear that she was put down. Shame to those who treat such beautiful creatures as money making machines and find no other value in them.

  3. There comes a time in every horses career when everything indicates the horse is not going to perform well and should be retired….OJK is a perfect example…..OJK in her career since 2012 had only earned around $150,00 it appears this horse was racing for reasons other than making money…. often people get caught up in the so called “Glamour” of being a thoroughbred owner and the horse unfortunately
    becomes an extension of their ego & when that happens the best interest of the horse is overlooked….. when the responsible owner(s) fail to make the decision to retire this is what often happens…..
    I challenge you to take the time to look up OJK career at or watch her past races at I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion
    Do the same research on another horse owned by the same owner (that deserves to b retired ..based on its Past performances) …..Spoiledandentitled Lets hope she doesnt share the same fate as OJK

  4. We have followed Only Josie Knows in part because her name is shared with our dog. So very sorry for the loss of this special horse and the suffering and shock to the jockey. We will miss your “Josie.” Lew and Mary

  5. Ditto the comments on how difficult it was to find out what happened to OJK. I was @ Santa Anita that day and could tell that the outcome was probably bad. I can’t understand why the track vet didn’t put a Kinsey splint on her. It was clear that one of her forelegs was probably broken and could not support her weight. It took four men to force her onto the van because she was limping so badly. TVG reported on the status of the jockey…he was okay, and then on to the next race. I find that sickening.

    • If OJK truly suffered a compound fracture as stated in the BH article, the poor mare should have been euthanized right there on the track and not forced to take one more step! BASTARDS! But that would have held things up if there were more races after the 7th…not to mention having to drag her dead body off the track…or maybe winching it up onto some means of transportation for removal from the “playing field”. That’s a bit difficult to hide from the fans. The cruelty is shocking!

  6. Uh, I think that’s not quite right. Pereira was riding Waya Ed. Josie Knows was another horse that had an accident. Of course, horse racing is a tough business, but the writer implies that we cared for Pereira and not his mount. Different race, different outcome

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