Cheers for Sidney Dead at Gulfstream

Reported (on the official chart) as “fell, vanned off” in the 5th at Gulfstream yesterday, 3-year-old Cheers for Sidney is in fact dead – euthanized, according to the Paulick Report, “due to her injuries.” Of course, the only reason Paulick disclosed this death is because the jockey was dinged up (“wrist pain”). This is horseracing.

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  1. Another baby dead in the dirt, a fate he never deserved. R.I.P. baby, your life mattered to us and we will remember you.

    Good work bettors, your $2.00 bet just took the life of another baby. When will it be enough blood spilled for you to say “it’s not worth it” and walk away… I beg you to give them a chance at a better life away from racing, in the pasture where they can run free with their own herd, the way their lives were meant to be. Is that $2.00 bet really that important in the real scope of things. Just say to yourself “I’ll give them a chance, no more”. I guaranty that you will feel really good about yourself for saving a life today. Marlene Thornley

  2. Ditto to Marlene Thornley….three years olds are just babies and not even matured enough to carry the weight expected of a mature horse. They are still termed fillies or colts which means baby horse! WHAT a WASTE of a young life!

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