Nebraska’s 2014 Dead Revealed

Through a “Public Records Law” request, I have confirmed the following 8 deaths on or at Nebraska racetracks in 2014:

4-year-old S S Tribal Girl, March 16, Fonner 2 (euthanized March 18)
chart said “pulled up, vanned off”

7-year-old Three Rudys, March 22, Fonner 3 (euthanized March 25)
chart said finished fine

6-year-old Kern River, March 28, Fonner 2
chart said “broke down”

2-year-old Jurzenski, March 30, Fonner 5
chart said “injured, vanned off”

4-year-old Trinity Tavern, April 8, colic (2 days after being raced)

2-year-old Famous Gent, April 12, Fonner 6
chart said “injured, vanned off”

3-year-old Zapachula, April 26, Fonner 11 (euthanized April 27)
chart said finished fine

6-year-old Winter’s Wildchild, August 17, Columbus 7
chart said “broke down”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Just to Inform you Patrick , a couple of the horses on your Neb. list i happen to know well … Three Rudys Was much loved by all his connections . I know this as fact because i was one of them . I was his pony girl most of his racing career in fact 2 years he put me in the Emergency Room with a broken T11 Vetebrae .. His owner /Trainer was a very Dear friend . I say “was” because one week after Rudy was put to sleep , this kind , generous man had a massive heart attack and passed away . The Stress and depression over losing his favorite horse being a contributing factor.. Winters Wildchild also was trained by another close friend , i happened to be right next to him when she broke down . He was so upset that seriously considered his career choices and almost gave up training . Which would have been very sad because him and his fiance are a couple of the good ones , meaning that they care about what happens to the horses here and work tirelessly to find forever homes for the retired racehorses in my state .. SO no Patrick we are not all bad .

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