El Commodore Dead at Santa Anita

The Daily Racing Form (via the stewards) reports that 8-year-old El Commodore is dead from a “pelvis injury” sustained during the 4th at Santa Anita yesterday. In all, the gelding was put to the whip 37 times, earning over a quarter million dollars for his people. Trainer on death-day, Michael Machowsky. This is horseracing.

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  1. It seems that the Racing Commissions are merely scenery when it comes to the protection, and implemention of rules & regulations. It further seems that so called horse lover Bo Derek head of the CHRB is an addendum to this scenery since very little has changed since she took over. Consequently, the “cowboys” operate with impunity while the racehorses pay the price for that $2 bet. California should BAN horse racing.

  2. Gina, interesting that you mention Bo Derek. Australian racing invited her out here a few years ago to be THE CELEBRITY for one of our lucrative carnivals. Always had the impression that she was against whipping racehorses and horseracing in general – so I found this somewhat confusing. Media coverage of her visit was huge and they put her in a helicopter and took her on a tour of some famous horse studs. Perhaps she was/is trying to make a change – but one can only wonder!

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