Video of Texas Rapper Dying at Sunland

I have confirmed that Texas Rapper is dead after breaking down in the 8th yesterday at Sunland. Prior to dying in the New Mexico dirt, the 3-year-old gelding had been put to the whip 11 times, all under trainer Johnnie Nall. His fatal fall can be seen here (two other horses went down with him – no word on their conditions): (Sa 7, race 8)

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  1. Every time I see a thoroughbred go down my heart never fails to break. When will it all end? These precious babies deserve to live a life free from cruelty, abuse, and exploitation. Their lives matter, and someone needs to be held accountable for every needless death. The truth of the matter is that many of these breakdowns could have been prevented, had better care been taken of them, without sending them out to race with pre existing conditions, and injuries, and masking those injuries with drugs. More through examinations by the vets would also be a benefit. Doesn’t anyone have a conscience anymore? How many more deaths will it take for the bettor to get fed up and walk away from the track? These are beautiful, feeling creatures that weren’t put on this earth to be exploited and abused. Wake up people!!! Walk away from the track, and give these babies the life they were meant to live. Marlene Thornley

  2. Racing supporters!…you like to watch racing!…here you go! And if you decline because you feel so bad for Texas Rapper, even though you maintain racing is such a great sport, why should HE be the only one to endure the “discomfort”? It’s “part of racing”, we are constantly reminded of…

    “We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies” – Gretchen Wyler.

    Barbaric. Killing horses so racing fans and bettors can be entertained.

  3. Alot of the castoff horses down in Texas are just left in the desert to starve to death, I frankly feel it would be better to outlaw this horseracing so called sport all together, These animals are I feel drugged, abused and probably some end up down south a little ways from here beaten to death, or probably in one of those quasi bullfighter, where the bull will gore to death the poor horse, as onlookers are taking pictures and bringing their children to see, the horsey bleed to death, whats wrong with these morons, I also say no more shipping our American horses,to Mexico to let these morons abuse them in horrific ways, in fact how about no more mexicans coming north, to abuse any of their children or animals here in the US, if you are not here for an education or a better life, better go home.

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