The Continuing Ordeal of T I Doublegrrr

Four days ago, a racehorse by the name of T I Doublegrrr was vanned off at Sunland Park after an official finish of last, 38+ lengths back. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary here, for horses are carted off American tracks every day. But…

Prior to Monday, the 4-year-old gelding had been put to the whip two other times: January 19th, vanned off after a 28-back finish; October 22nd, last of 10, 39 lengths behind. To recap, that’s three starts, a cumulative 105 lengths back and two consecutive ambulance rides. Folks, there is abuse, then there is egregious abuse. What trainer/owner/breeder Jeff Hudson and co-owner Ben McDonald are doing to this equine child – a just-turned four horse is still in puberty – squarely falls into the latter. And the beat goes on…

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  1. Just a glimpse of Sunland Park, New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment” 2012 corruption scandal

    In February 2012, then Mayor Pro Tem Daniel Salinas and City Manager Jaime Aguilera were arrested and charged with extortion of mayoral candidate Gerardo Hernandez. Salinas and Aguilera allegedly tried to blackmail Hernandez into withdrawing from the race with a videotape of Hernandez receiving a lap-dance in his campaign office.

    An election for mayor was held in March, 2012, with Daniel Salinas winning the mayor’s office, but he was denied taking office due to extortion, bribery, and election fraud charges filed against him, which disqualified him from taking an oath of office.
    This state is riddled with corruption. Here’s the latest, the son, Blair Dunn being the lawyer for 3 wannabe horse slaughter plants, now Daddy is Land Comm. of NM?

  2. This is dreadful – this horse at the beginning of its racing career in his first race came home a distanced last by 39 lengths, at his second start he again comes home distanced at 28 lengths and then he was forced to race again? Once again the relevant racing authority and its veterinarians passed this horse fit to race. This is aggravated cruelty upon an animal.
    It is noted in the Equibase report that T I Doublegrrr in his last start was never a factor and vanned off after coming home 38 lens. NEVER A FACTOR they stated, which confirms that the horse should never have been there in the first place. “Vanned off” yes and where’s the rest of the information SUNLAND PARK? e.g. euthanased, nature of injury, etc. Are you unaware of the transparency and disclosure laws? The racing industry is a PUBLIC industry, these horses are put on public display and the public has a right to know.

    • Excellent, Carolyn. T I Doublegrrr mattered to NO ONE. NO ONE cared that this 4 y/o wasn’t competitive and should not be running…he helped fill the damn race.

      RIP T I Doublegrrr…

  3. There’s a special place in Hell waiting for them, but meanwhile they should have to pay for what they do to these poor four legged beauties day after day.

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