Take It Out Back, Heza Fast Lajolla: Dead?

From Louisiana Downs yesterday afternoon:

In the 3rd, 4-year-old Take It Out Back “collapsed after race” and was vanned off. Two races later, 2-year-old Heza Fast Lajolla “fell 220 yard pole” and was vanned off.

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To my mind, it is likely that at least one of these horses is dead (obviously, no mention of either on the Louisiana website). That said, I extend an open invitation to the “connections” (Take It Out Back: Anthony Arey, Geral Dewitt; Heza Fast Lajolla: Jaime Hernandez, Hector Menchaca), indeed to all connections reported on this site: If your vanned-off horse is alive, say so, and I will publish. Otherwise, silence speaks volumes; in fact, where Racing is concerned, silence usually means silenced.

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  1. There is someone who should be Silent. Frank MItchell

    From A Ray Paulick post. 3//3/2015 Another one who should be silent.

    “As the 3-year-olds progress toward the classics, one of the factors that comes to the fore is staying capacity. It is one of the primary qualities that separates the classic contenders from the pretenders, along with mental and physical toughness, consistency, and enthusiasm for racing. But especially coming down the long stretch at Churchill Downs after a fast early pace, the ability to stretch out and maintain momentum is essential.”

    Enthusiasm for racing. Seriously Frank ?????? These horse are beaten to make them run faster. there is no enthusiasm.

    Frank is part of the propaganda machine that promotes the killing machine of horse racing.
    ALL the publications below are propaganda machines.

    More ON frank as stated by Ray Paulick.

    “Frank Mitchell is author of Racehorse Breeding Theories, as well as the book Great Breeders and Their Methods: The Hancocks. In addition to writing the column “Sires and Dams” in Daily Racing Form for nearly 15 years, he has contributed articles to Thoroughbred Daily News, Thoroughbred Times, Thoroughbred Record, International Thoroughbred, and other major publications. In addition, Frank is chief of biomechanics for DataTrack International and is a hands-on caretaker of his own broodmares and foals in central Kentucky.”

  2. Now, that I’ve been getting this information for some time, don’t understand why something hasn’t been done about this situation long before now. These poor beautiful animals don’t deserve to be treated like this, just so some rich a** can make millions off of other horses, and people continue to bet on these races, probably not knowing what is done in the name of ‘horse racing’. People have to be held accountable, the laws have to be changed to protect the innocent, and large fines/suspensions should be given to those who don’t comply.

    • Georgiagirl10.

      You are absolutely right that the laws need to be changed. We need someone really wealthy who is willing to throw money into this cause to hire groups that have lawyers that will take on this cause directly in the courts.

      Sam Simon’s goal is to give away his millions to help animals.

      this is great article. this is what we need. Someone like this to help us expose racing abuse to millions of people.
      He paid 50,000 to rescue the abused horse that PETA talked about in its expose because Ingrid asked him to.

      From the article

      Diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago, and given only months to live, Sam Simon is still alive and still racing to spend the fortune he made as co-creator of The Simpsons on causes he loves, whether he is rescuing grizzly bears (and chinchillas and elephants) or funding vegan food banks. As Simon’s friends and fellow activists gather for his 59th birthday, another friend, Merrill Markoe, reveals how a force of comedy faces his own tragedy.

      Sam Simon stands out as an anomaly. Diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2012 and given three to six months to live, he is now focused like a laser, in a race against time, making sure that all that money—hundreds of millions of dollars—made from his years of work on The Simpsons and other television shows is being channeled directly into the charitable causes he loves.

      Among his future plans is funding PETA’s purchase of land in India for the Animal Rahat Sanctuary.

      (What is amazing to me is that Sam is an atheist and yet he is doing more for animals than all those people who say they believe in God and do nothing for animals.)

      “I’m an atheist, but there’s a thing called tithing that a lot of religions do. Ten percent was the minimum you were supposed to give to charity every year. And I always outdid that,” Sam explains. In 2002 he started the multi-platform Sam Simon Foundation, one arm of which rescues animals from Los Angeles kill shelters and trains some of them to be service dogs for the hearing-impaired and veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

      With PETA you don’t go, ‘What have they done?’ With PETA you get victories every week.”


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