Back-to-Back Kills at Parx Sunday

Sunday at Parx, two horses died in back-to-back races:

In the 1st, 7-year-old Bracket Buster “collapsed on the track and died on his way back to the barn,” this after an official finish of 45+ lengths back. Prior to yesterday, the beaten-down gelding had been raced 47 times, almost exclusively at the claiming level; in fact, on death-day, owners James Costabile and Ronald Juliano had him “for sale” at $5,000. Trainer, Charles Carlesimo; jockey, Victor Molina.

About a half hour later, 4-year-old Stormy Dan “broke down in his left front…and was humanely euthanized.” This was his first race under trainer Edward Auwarter and owner Karma 2 Me, having just been sold in December by Marcos Zulueta and Al Lupcho. He was ridden by Anthony Salgado.

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  1. This is a case of blatant animal abuse. Just another example of why the racing industry can’t be “cleaned up”. However, for the babblers who are supposedly working hard to do so, can you please reach out to the monsters who owned and trained this horse and ask them how anyone, with minimal intelligence, could even think Bracket Buster was close to being competitive? I would love to hear the idiotic responses from the monsters.

  2. There is absolutely no accountability in this game. It is, in essence, a cesspool of corruption and blatant animal cruelty.
    Bracket Buster should not have been anywhere near a race track. At the very least, some of the prominent animal charities, such as the HSUS, should be able to sponsor an independent necropsy on a random basis for these mysterious deaths. It would be interesting to know what that poor horse had in his system. Somehow there are no such challenges to this obvious cruelty. What a shame.

    Your sad life is finished, Bracket Buster, RIP.
    And Stormy Dan, you were “humanely euthanized” but your life was short on “humane” treatment. RIP

  3. Blame goes to all racing secretary for letting horse that continually gets beaten like that to race .Track vet for letting him run would bet horse had to be lame .Nuber three trainer Charlie C. you know that horse had no business running.The nice horses you trained and this is whats left might as well retire.Thats horse number 1.How bout number twosold by Zulueta to guarantee knew there were problems .McCaslin who bought the horse was either in on the deal or just too drunk to know .Oh thats right he quit drinking o wellthat leaves the other alturnative they all cut up somemoney and the horse was the fall guy .

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