A Retraction on Juliebrowneyes

Accuracy, here, is paramount. This is why a retraction is in order. The post “Juliebrowneyes and Carol Ann Make It Three Dead From Same Tampa Race” (February 12th) is only partially true: I reported that Juliebrowneyes was one of three euthanized. She wasn’t, as we learned today when she was raced again at Tampa. My source still maintains that three died in that February 6th race (perhaps Bright Promise), but wrong info is wrong info, and I apologize.

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  1. Patrick, if the racing authorities abided by the transparency and disclosure laws and its legal and moral responsibilities to inform the public of the truth, you would not have found yourself making an apology for wrong information. Integrity and honesty you have but one cannot say the same for the racing industry.

  2. What I do not understand is why Juliebrowneyes is being raced so soon after being hurt in a race where several other horses were killed.

    This horse should be resting (and retired to a nice home).

    I see No Integrity n the racing world. If there was integrity, they would not allow these horses to be raced at these top speeds..

  3. Thank you, Patrick, for having such integrity. Those in the racing industry don’t know the meaning of the word…

    Juliebrowneyes, my heart breaks for you. As horrific as it was to think you were dead, dead horses can no longer suffer.

    • The future for Juliebrowneyes, if she did survive, will, most likely be bleak. I agree Joy, dead horses can no longer suffer. And sad to say, I often think being euthanized at the track is better than the suffering the slaughter pipeline has to offer.

      I’m currently trying to get a gelding in low level claiming. The horse is being started about every week and the comments section say “tired”- I wonder why ? !

      • Rose…I wish you and the gelding you are trying to help the BEST OF LUCK! Please let me know if I can help in anyway…in fact, please email me. Bless you, Rose!

      • Yes, Rose, Joy and I support you. Let us know if we can help. Please provide us with a current, and correct, email. I have sent you messages previously and they always come back as “undeliverable”.

      • It is a wonderful thing you are doing for that poor horse Rose. It is PUBLICLY stated that the horse is racing nearly every week and is TIRED and the VETERINARIANS employed by the relevant racing authority (who obviously pass the horse fit to race) DO NOTHING? Surely these veterinarians are in breach of their code of ethics/conduct e.g. to relieve an animal of pain and suffering, to do no harm to an animal (by passing the horse fit to race is doing harm to the horse in my view), to prevent further pain and suffering, etc. I am very angry with these Veterinarians. Let’s face it, they’re just putting their rosy lucrative jobs first – making money out of the sufferings of these helpless horses.

  4. Joy, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Contact has been made with the current trainer. He said he will get in touch with the owner who lives in another country. He will let me know in about a week. This horse will turn 4 the end of March and has started 20 times, all claiming. His future looks dismal.
    I will update when I know more. I’m hoping for a good outcome. I have been lucky on other occasions. The horse is currently in FL. and I have a good contact there.

    • Mary, Joy, how can I give my email adders to you ?

      PS Patrick has my permission to give it to you. But perhaps that is not appropriate ?
      Patrick, I apologize for this post, but it is about getting horses out of this abusive business, even one at a time.

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