Horseracing’s Casualties, 2/9/15-2/15/15

The following horses were casualties on American tracks last week. This list, however, includes only raceday victims, for while I’d prefer to submit a more complete reckoning, the training carnage is almost entirely covered up.

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead:
Strike It Cody, Louisiana
Trust in Tebow, Parx
Astral, Parx
Zen Zai Sun, Turf
Cowtown Star, Turf
I Jus Wana Hav Fun, Fair Grounds
Wonderfella, Laurel
Praise a Native, Rillito
Way to Go Gerda, Sunland

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead:
Rock Shaft, Parx
Impelling Star, Sunland
Glenbeigh, Sunland
Goldonspotofgold, Sam Houston
Unleash the Humor, Gulfstream
Arabian Dream, Gulfstream
Belonging, Santa Anita
Drink With Pride, Penn
Judge Punch, Sunland
Indian Flag, Sunland
Wild Moon, Tampa Bay
Luando, Turfway
Jmf El Politico, Hialeah
Cosmic Gold, Laurel
Storm Power, Turf
Lord of Fire, Hialeah
Western Prince, Sunland
Gracie Grace, Turf

Alarming Affair, Penn, “returned bleeding”
Maxana, Aqueduct, bled
Mikethebear, Tampa Bay, fell, DNF
Rules of Honor, Delta, “hit gate,” DNF
Whips and Leather, Los Alamitos, fell, DNF
Shandy, Los Alamitos, “hit fallen rival,” DNF


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  1. Three horses from this most recent casualties list are evidence of the wide range of abuse in horseracing;

    -Western Prince, a 2010 horse – for breeder/owner Carol Ivie, Western Prince raced only twice. In November of 2013, he “trailed, was taken up in the stretch, and was vanned off”. He didn’t run again until February, 2015, where he “bobbled, was eased, vanned off”. Two starts, two DNF’s, both times required vanning off. And fifteen months between his two races, both of which he couldn’t even finish.

    -Goldonspotofgold, a 2009 horse – breeder, Darlene Lind and owner for his seven lifetime starts, Ella Lind. Goldonspotofgold’s first start wasn’t until the age of five where he finished 12th of 12. Next race, 8th of 10. Third race, 8th of 8. Then 8th of 10. Fifth race, 10th of 10. Sixth, 10th of 12. Then his seventh and last race on February 10, he “stumbled badly on the first turn, lost his rider, was vanned off”. To the Lind’s, didn’t your horse make it very clear to you that he WASN’T HAVING FUN?

    -Unleash the Humor, a 2008 horse – this Kentucky-bred dark bay 7 y/o horse raced 58 times, was MSP, and made over 344K. But of course, those THOUSANDS of dollars he earned still wasn’t quite enough. So on February 11, he ran with a $6250 price tag on his head – a $6250 claiming race with a 17K purse! – and he made another $1500 for his connections but “pulled up after the wire” and needed to be vanned off.

    Two starts or 58 starts…zero earnings or well over a quarter of a million…it doesn’t matter to those who pocket the horses’ earnings and have their egos inflated through no effort or talent of their own. Exploitation, plain and simple.

  2. This is how well the horses are “loved” and how well they are treated as “family members” !!
    Anybody who falls for that line is not in touch with reality !
    People in this business have no trouble lying, cheating, drugging, injecting joints and forcing sore horses on to the track. And the officials know this is going on. The focus is filling the race cards. Nobody cares about the welfare of the horse in this business.

  3. So sad I am one of those that wants to save the world unfortunately it takes money for that which I am short of I save abandoned cats and dogs in my case dumped and find me or rescue them they trust us to take care of them when humans are exploited its a crime because the horses dogs cats any animal cannot speak they are not treated as a living being its horrific if we were reincarnated as animals and knew ahead of time this would not be happening I have been researching for years on rescuing or adopting horses I have the land now it is overwhelming the abuse going on how did it get out of control I say greed every animal deserves to live on this earth loved and peacefully great job to the ones who are tackling this enormous feat and yes knowledge is power the most the public is aware the more this will change I believe strongly it can

    • Anne,

      I agree with you that every animal deserves to live on this earth loved and in peace.

      Sadly, It does take money to rescue these animals.

      We all can help more by calling these groups that get millions from people (HSUS, PETA and ASPCA) and putting pressure on them to help the horses and the sled dogs being abused In Alaska (as I write with no laws to protect them and many of the 1500 dogs who could die in the upcoming Iditrod race on March 1st ) and all those animal causes we are trying to help.

      I have been so busy with my life I had No idea that horse abuse was going on until I watched the tv show in 2014 (on Netflix) that is about rescued horses that had been abused called “Heartland” filmed in Alberta, Canada, (close by to where horses are being slaughtered in the largest slaughter houses in Canada.The show is broadcast on CBC) I then found the expose by PETA and then I found this website when I Googled horse abuse and drug abuse in horses.

      Heartland has now been on for 8 years and is the longest running drama in Canada so clearly a lot of people in Canada love horses. The show that is all about horses is extremely popular. It has a Hallmark quality to it in that all the horses on the show that have been abused are rescued. it features highly trained and intelligent horses
      including “Liberty” Trained horses (trained by voice command) and the main character in real life really loves horses and owns her own horses. the producers and writers love horses as well and cover the issues of drugging at the race track and slaughter and Tennessee walker abuse, etc. and they interact with a local group that rescues and exposes the issues on abuse and slaughter.

      I had no idea that horses were being drugged at the race track and slaughtered by the millions. There is such a black out in the media that very few people know what is really going on in the world of horses.

      PETA, HSUS, and ASPCA have millions of dollars coming in and could dramatically help and put more attention on the abuse that goes on at the race track and at the slaughter house but they do not, even though they profess to care. Actions speak far louder than words. I have been emailing these different groups and calling them ever since I found out about what was going on at the racetrack in 2014 (after I saw the PETA expose on Steve Asmussen) I have been trying to get them to pay more attention to the horses but so far they are not listening. I have also been calling Congress so there are things we can do even if we do not have the money Yet to stop this abuse.

      Tragically, it will take more people calling these groups and putting pressure on them to get them to pay attention and move into action. They have certain projects they put their attention on and the other abuses like race horses and slaughter take a back seat. Very few want to take on the farm bureaus (that are pro slaughter) or the gambling industry which keeps racing alive.

      I do believe in reincarnation and in karma and also in Heaven and Hell so I do believe someday all these animal abusers and animal killers will pay for their crimes against animals.

      I hope someday Soon that someone will start an organization dedicated to horses and stopping this abuse against them at the race track, at the rodeo, as Tennessee Walkers, and at the slaughter house and that millions of dollars will be raised for this specific cause.

      I believe we can stop this abuse once more people are educated and enlightened as to what is going on in the world of horses.

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