Two Dead in California

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the following deaths at Golden Gate:

4-year-old Warrens Hornblower, February 2nd: “right front leg became infected following race on 3-21-14; was treated aggressively, but unsuccessful.”

2-year-old Peaceful Quiet, February 4th: fractured right front tibia while “practicing.” The Jerry Hollendorfer-trained child had yet to be raced.

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    • Exactly Rose! If i’ve got it right 3-21-14 is the 21st March 2014. That is about 11 months ago? Aggressively treated? If 2 Feb 2015 is the date of death of Warrens Hornblower then this just does not add up. The California Racing Board is obligated both morally and legally to disclose to the public what caused this infection, type of infection and disclose the findings of the necropsy. This horse was put on public display in a public industry.

  1. When will they learn that these babies are still growing? That their bones still need to mature before they can be ridden and raced.

  2. The jockey Jose Lezcano, should be suspended for obvious animal abuse. He used Frosted as a tool, to effect the race, Travers, on Saturday August 29th 2015. I am so relieved no one was injured, horse or rider, but he does not care about animal welfare, for either his mount, or the mount of the other. He should be fined, suspended forever.

    Was I missing something, or when did horse racing , become a contact sport.

    I saw this, from my TV set , couldn’t miss it. How could this be allowed?

    • Sue, it’s like a battlefield for these horses. The jockeys often ride them as though they’re on motor bikes and not living creatures. Racing tight sometimes results in horses clipping heels and that often ends up with horses suffering injuries and breaking down. The horses were never asked to partake in this contact “sport” which threatens their lives every time they go out. Many display behaviour pre-race such as refusing to go into the gates, rearing up, sweating up, stressed, evidencing that they’re not up to the task but they are forced into the gates. These horses are very intelligent and acutely aware as to what is going on around them. And they know, more than anyone else, how their bodies are feeling.

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