Wildly Quiet Dead at Sunland

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Wildly Quiet is dead after breaking down in the 10th yesterday at Sunland. She was trained by Carlos Gonzalez and owned by Armando Jaquez. In all, Wildly Quiet was put to the whip three times. Her two priors:

November 15 at Zia – last, 42+ lengths back
December 27 at Sunland – last, 32+ lengths back

This is horseracing.

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  1. With what Carolyn and GIna had told us about medical records, it makes more sense to me now as to why so many of these horses are dying.

    Why was this horse even in this race when it was running so far behind.

    ON the subject of claiming races.

    Any owner that puts their horse in a claiming race or buys a horse without knowing their medical record does not care what shape these horses are in physically or psychologically.

    it is a vicious industry that allows these horses to be forced to race no matter what shape their in and it is a vicious group of people that know what is going on and do nothing to stop it (trainers, jockeys, owners, announcers, vetinarians and gamblers and the print and television media)

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