Racing’s Broken Bodies, 2/2/15-2/8/15

The following horses were casualties on American tracks last week. This list, however, includes only raceday victims, for while I’d prefer a more complete reckoning, the training carnage, with but two exceptions (NY, Cal), is almost entirely covered up.

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead:
La Ranchera, Tampa Bay
Badman of the Brazos, Sunland
Wildly Quiet, Sunland

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead:
Clever Fisherman, Sunland
Mancala, Turf
Polished Pride, Delta
Okey Dokey My Lover, Hialeah
Arctic Wolfe, Santa Anita
Feature Mr Alliance, Sunland
Boonville Highway, Sunland
Bright Promise, Tampa Bay
Mr Perrys Blue, Louisiana
I’m a Ramblin Who, Sunland
Trickys Snow Boots, Turf
The Spotted Wonder, Aqueduct
Sweet Fantasy, Sunland

Collateral, Turf, “hit the rail,” DNF
Eddie’s Lady, Mahoning, “returned sore”
The Way I Roll, Mahoning, “all four knees buckled at the break,” 35 lengths back
What the Frost, Aqueduct, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Crane Park, Oaklawn, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Zenstone, Aqueduct, “swerved at start, [struck] rail,” DNF
Carol Ann, Tampa Bay, “fell over fallen foe,” DNF
Juliebrowneyes, Tampa Bay, “fell over fallen foe,” DNF
Voodoothatyoudo, Turfway, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Suyeta, Oaklawn, bled
Vanilla Shake, Sunland, fell, DNF

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  1. I must be stupid! after so many ” Deaths” why isn’t some org. checking on TRAINERS, OWNERS, STABLES and the RACETRACK? Why won’t someone SPEAK UP? And secretly tape what’s being said or done. jenna

  2. Yes, it is disgusting. Can I suggest Wayne728292 you read the comments on this site under the titles “Welcome Back Scott Blasi” and “Crack That Whip” which will give you more insight. The racing industry does what it likes with these horses with no independent body standing over them. Animal welfare organisations do speak up every now and then. PETA did a surveillance on Scott Blasi (a worker for Assmussen) to no avail. If it wasn’t for Patrick’s dedication and hard work in exposing the animal abuse and cruelty in horseracing, then the plight of these long suffering horses would never be revealed to the extent that Patrick takes it to. The more exposure of horseracing’s ugly dark secrets and people speaking up and taking action, the more chance these horses have of being relieved from their sufferings.

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