Dead in Oregon, 2014: Really a Hero, Demetrius

Through a “Public Records” request, I was able to confirm the following deaths on Oregon tracks last year. (It should be noted, however, that Oregon is a relatively light-racing state, with but one regular track, Portland Meadows, and a handful of county fairs. In addition, Portland only had 31 days of live racing.)

4-year-old Really a Hero was euthanized after breaking in the 2nd at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (a 3-day fair) on June 7th. Equibase had the Donald Young-trained (and owned) mare “[going] wrong” and being vanned off.

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4-year-old Demetrius was euthanized after the 10th at Portland Meadows December 2nd. The Margie Cantrell-trained gelding, too, was merely a “went wrong, pulled up, vanned off” on the chart. Two more ambulance-riders dead. This is horseracing.

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  1. Notice how the traditional, canned expressions used by chart commenters to describe these horrific events appear to place the blame on the horse? “Went wrong.” Bad horsie!

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