Another Youngster – Tornado City – Dead at Belmont

2-year-old Tornado City snapped his leg while “breezing” at Belmont Monday morning and was euthanized on-track. Pity his poor connections – trainer Jason Servis among them – for they had yet to make a dime off their colt – at the time of his death, he was being prepped for his first run at gambling gold. This is horseracing.


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  1. Don’t these people know that racing a 2 year old is equivalent to an infant when compared to humans? Unbelieveable

  2. Still think that 2 years old is to young to race, and shouldn’t be allowed until they’re three. But, there are many other things that cause these precious horses to die, and until those change they will continue to kill these lovely animals.

  3. Return on investment is what it is all about. These people would race the horse even younger, if it were possible. The horse is a commodity. These people do not care how many horses are sacrificed or how they suffer. If they cared they would not be in the business.

    • Mr. Smith the rule that every Thoroughbred turns a year older each January 1st is for the convenience of the business. As you well know, many horses are foaled as late as May and even a few in June.
      Rules in racing are always geared to the money and convenience of the game. When it comes to the welfare of the horse there are no rules.

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