3-Year-Old Dead at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Trail’satwosteppin was euthanized after breaking down in the 7th at Charles Town Friday night. All told, this adolescent equine was put to the whip 17 times before dying, all at Charles Town, under three different trainers – Timothy Grams, Ronney Brown, and Ernest Haynes. This is horseracing.

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  1. Even more proof that starting, and racing these horse’s at such a young age take’s a major toll on them. 17 race’s, and 3 owner’s by the tender age of three show’s that this horse was being used in any way possible to make money, with no consideration on behalf of it’s well being. sadly, the outcome is to easily predictable.

  2. Racing needs to end. It seems that a good place to start would be to put an end to the claiming ranks. Then the question would be what do we do with the horses?
    Also there should be a limit on breeding. Unlike the warm blood associations who have approved stallions and mares, any one can breed if the have the money in the thoroughbred game. It all needs to end but we have to take bigger steps to get there.

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