One More Chief Dead at Belmont

4-year-old One More Chief is dead after breaking down while training at Belmont Friday morning. He was raced 14 times, most recently at Finger Lakes in November. He is the 7th NY horse killed on-track through the first 16 days of 2015. Trainer, Chris Englehart; owner, Island Wind Racing.

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  1. And some drug problems too , Joy. What a surprise !!! Why is this guy still training/drugging horses ?
    The fact that he is still in the game says all one needs to know about the integrity of the people.

  2. I’m devastated by the loss of One More Chief What a shock to find his name listed in the Equine Database. I thought his loss went un noticed and unmentioned until a friend sent me your article. He was so special, dark and handsome and so talented. He was racing at the top of his form. One More Chief was from the last New York Crop of Chief Seattle. He looked just like his dad and granddad Seattle Slew and I adored him. Thank you for caring enough to post this memorial. It’s so hard to accept his loss.

  3. Teresa…yes, most racehorse deaths go unnoticed, just like the racing industry wants it. If not for Patrick and Horseracing Wrongs, the countless horses that died while enslaved in this multi-billion dollar gambling industry would never even be known to have once shared this earth with us. We must not “accept” the loss of their lives…they didn’t have to die! Instead, the public needs to know that horseracing is not what they see on TV the first Saturday of May!…it is training and racing deaths every single day, crippled racehorses limping into rescue organizations (if they’re lucky), and THOUSANDS of discarded racehorses butchered in slaughterhouses across our borders. This antiquated and abusive industry needs to DIE…not the horses.

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