Stuffed Animal, Big Swig Dead in California

The California Horse Racing Board has confirmed the deaths of two more racehorses:

2-year-old Stuffed Animal, trained by Adam Kitchingman and owned by Lucas Downs, was euthanized after breaking down in a race at Santa Anita January 4th. It was the colt’s third time under the whip. Six days later at Golden Gate, 5-year-old Big Swig was euthanized after shattering sesamoids training under Jonathan Wong.

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  1. Nothing new, it’s getting old. Please spread the word. As the saying goes ” The rich get richer”. The rest of us are poor slobs & the horses? Well, they don’t mean anything, except maybe a $ in the rich man’s pocket.

  2. i have worked in racehorse farms for years i finally left and never to return you wouldn’t believe the cruelty and the bullshit that goes on behind closed doors to these beauiful would make you sick and its all about the money and nothing to do with the horse …

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