You Take the Cake Breaks Neck at Aqueduct

In yesterday’s 2nd at Aqueduct, 4-year-old You Take the Cake finished 3rd, garnering $2,100 for her connections. The chart, however, noted that the Joseph Lostritto-trained mare “fell heavily after the finish.” Turns out, she broke her neck and was euthanized. She is the 17th horse to die at the Big A since the meet began in October.

The Aqueduct 17:
5-year-old Summer Sunset, Oct 31, race 2 (fractured leg)
4-year-old Jesses Giant Dunk, Oct 31, race 3 (ruptured ligament)
4-year-old Knockher Off, Nov 12, race 5 (neck trauma)
9-year-old Cherokee Artist, Nov 28, race 6 (fractured leg)
4-year-old Princes On Thelake, Dec 3, race 5 (fractured cannon)
3-year-old Warrior’s Hero, Dec 4, race 3 (fractured carpus)
5-year-old Half Nelson, Dec 5, race 8 (fractured shoulder)
7-year-old Quick Money, Dec 5, race 8 (neck trauma)
5-year-old Sage Valley, Dec 10, race 8 (apparent cardiac arrest)
5-year-old Ludo Bagman, Dec 11, race 1 (fractured sesamoids)
4-year-old Celebrate We Will, Dec 26, race 1 (fractured leg)
5-year-old Wicked Irish, Dec 27, race 2 (undisclosed leg trauma)
2-year-old Golden Bay, Jan 2, race 6 (fractured leg)
5-year-old Shewreckstheplace, Jan 4, race 5 (fractured sesamoids)
2-year-old Channel of Love, Jan 9, training (fractured leg)
4-year-old Apex, Jan 9, race 2 (fractured leg or ankle)
4-year-old You Take the Cake, Jan 15, race 2 (fractured neck)

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  1. I continue to forward this information to Facebook because I think it’s important for all of us to know what’s going on with these lovely animals. Something has to be done to improve conditions for these horses, to be treated better in all aspects of their care and training, for the owners/trainers to have total accountability for what happens to them, limits on age the can begin training/racing, and number of races they can run. Also, of course, testing and major fines for owners who don’t follow the rules/regulations.

  2. Patrick….good luck with that. It’s a great sport no matter how you or your followers try to bash it. 95% of the horses are treated wit the best care you can find. Just like a dog, cat, etc….there will be the 5% exception. I’m sorry, but I am sure you eat fish. You can tell me otherwise, but only you know. If you do, you are a phony because according to you, fishing would be inhumane. Go sell your junk elsewhere.

    • Kenny,

      I have no idea who you are or what your background is.

      Are you a race horse owner ? Are you a gambler ?
      Do you work for a race track ?

      IT is simply not accurate to say that “95% of the horses are treated with the best care you can find.”

      THis blog deals with facts and stats and Patrick works very hard to report what he finds around the country.

      It is my understanding from the stats that I have read from people that actually gather stats in the horse slaughter world in the US that there are aprox 40,000 thoroughbreds born each year and that aprox. 20,000 go to slaughter each year.

      Have you looked at the stats that Patrick is providing of the deaths on the track and injuries . Patricks stats on horse deaths are low because there are trainers/owners that are sending their horses to auctions where they are then sent to be brutally killed or they are texting KILL BUYERS to come and pick up their horses and then have them brutally killed from no slaughter tracks .

      You cannot possibly think that sending horses to be brutally murdered is the best care and that is where 20,000 plus racehorses end up each year.

      Claiming races. Do you think that claiming races are a place where horses get the best care ?

      NOt sure of the stats here. I think it is 60 to 80 % of the races are claiming races. I might be low on those stats.
      60% to 80% of the horses are in claiming races and many of them run injured til they die from injuries or are slaughtered. Is that the best care ? I think not.

      I do not know where you got your numbers but saying that 95% of them are treated well is simply not accurate.

      I even know successful race horse owners that race horses and even they admit that horse racing has corruption, drugs and kill buyers taking horses to slaughter.

      What i see on this post are people posting their personal stories of dealing with saving horses lives and grieving when horses die.

      What i also see on this post is a place where horses are remembered for this sport that you call “Great”

      I can never call a sport “great” that creates so much destruction and death for 20,000 plus horse a year.

  3. Not sure of the stats here. I think it is 60 to 80 % of the races are claiming races.

    Does anyone here know the actual amount of claiming races. I know that TVG broadcasts aprox. 40,000 races a year. I have heard stats of 60% being claiming races. Not sure if that is right or if there is 80%.

    IF anyone knows for sure, please post it.

  4. Kenny,

    One more point. Again, I have no idea who you are or why you would make such a blatantly inaccurate statement.

    I already talked about death by slaughter in the racing world

    THis is a quote from one insider on the subject of drugs in horse racing..

    “many people in thoroughbred racing believe the proliferation of drugs has put the sport in serious jeopardy”

    “I think if you listen to the industry, [the drug problem] has got to be a 10 [on a scale of 10], Many worry it’s undermining the sport’s image, harming the breeding process and putting riders and horses at risk.

    There is tremendous pressure to use drugs to win in a multi-billion-dollar business in which there is no national uniform code to control drug use nor a governing body or commissioner to rein it in, “The temptations are through the roof in this sport.”

    20,000 plus horses brutally murdered every year in slaughterhouses.

    Rampant drugging of horses on a scale 10 according to people inside the industry..

    You cannot possibly think that is “Best care”

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