Reminic Dead at Monticello

9-year-old Standardbred Reminic was euthanized today after breaking down in yesterday’s 4th at Monticello. He was trained by Elisha Lafreniere and driven by Jason Ryan. Reminic becomes the 3rd equine athlete to die at a NYS track in the first week of 2015. This is horseracing.

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  1. The abuse and the deaths of these horses in the horseracing gambling business says nothing good about our society and our humanity. Gamblers, for the most part, are sick and an industry that exploits animals to feed this illness is pretty despicable.

  2. What concerns me is that many gamblers are not aware of the life of the racehorse. The industry paints an image of horses grazing in a paddock on emerald green grass, mares with young foals, etc. etc.
    I am often staggered by the number of gamblers and racegoers (the social scene and the alcohol and the partying) who have absolutely no idea as to what is going on with these noble animals.

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