Good Problem Dead at Delta, Three Others at Golden Gate

Although I harbor no illusions about compassion in racing circles, sometimes the chart notes are so strikingly callous they practically leap off the page. The line for 2-year-old Good Problem in the 6th at Delta last night: “finished well [4th of 7, by the way], euthanzd.” Apparently, the equine child, who was years from rounding into full musculoskeletal maturity, fell after the wire. Dead. Trainer, Dana Champagne; owner/breeder, Joseph Talamo Jr.

Also, the California Horse Racing Board has confirmed the deaths of three active racehorses at Golden Gate Fields:

6-year-old Juleps and Roses died of a ruptured colon on December 16th. With five last-place finishes in five career starts, she surely will not be missed by any who were ever a part of her life. How very sad.

Five days later, another 6-year-old – Diamond Geezah – “returned from farm in poor condition – Ataxia – condition worsened,” euthanized. A 46-start veteran, this gelding had been running cheap claiming races for quite some time – and not very successfully at that – yet his masters couldn’t find it in their hearts to just let him be. Now, he is gone, without having lived a single moment outside a human’s control.

The very next day, a 3-year-old filly named Fever’s Comet died of a deep abscess in her left hock. As a zero for four maiden claimer, she, too, has already been forgotten.

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This is horseracing.


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  1. There’s a special place in Hell for anyone that contributes to the death of these lovely creatures……….I continue to hope that these animals will be protected from those who go out of their way to cause them harm/death.

  2. I’m surprised there are not more infections and fatalities due to “injections” and that includes Lasix.
    Necropsies on “old claimers” showed disseminated inflammation of the vascular system. I wonder what caused that !

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