The Ugly Numbers From June

An update on the June 2014 U.S. horseracing casualties.

119 horses were “vanned off”; 2 of whom were later confirmed dead:
Mel’s Game, Santa Anita
Tough Orphan, Oak Tree

Of the rest, 91 have not been heard from since:
Permit, Arlington
Pink Gold, Lone Star
Captain Daddy, Parx
Fenway, SunRay
Patriot’s Dream, Delaware
Rankin, Charles Town
Ferrari One, Calder
Interest Please, Evangeline
Shakin It Up, Belmont
Stormin City, Charles Town
Tiger Mike, Fairmount
Storm Haboob, Gulfstream
Tricky Ricardo, Indiana
Really a Hero, Eastern Oregon
A First Class, Ruidoso
Old World Order, Belterra
Score Boyera, Delaware
Legendary Ridge, Mountaineer
Dakota’s Court, Indiana
Mint Humor, SunRay
Vigors Storm, Charles Town
Sterling’s Angel, Charles Town
Star Omega, Delaware
Wino, Evangeline
Tight Britches, Evangeline
Royal Bandit, Arapahoe
Bold Harlan, Indiana
Dash the Cigar, Indiana
Fishy Wagon, Retama
Quotient, Santa Anita
Little Southern, SunRay
Laughing Alltheway, Calder
Grilla, Churchill
Indy Oaks, Indiana
San Xavier, Parx
Break Dance, Ruidoso
Lanida, Canterbury
Mi Doctora, Gulfstream
Tiz Sexy, SunRay
Jazzit, Parx
Just Safe, Mountaineer
Sunshine Nellie, Parx
Tracey’s Smile, Delaware
Money in Action, Delaware
Cold Hearted Babe, Evangeline
One Righteous Moment, Delta
She’s a Miracle, Evangeline
Alittlebittouchy, Lone Star
Soviet Afleet, Louisiana
Diamond Creek, Churchill
Bjs Rebel Dancer, Delta
Stormin’ Edge, Indiana
Joberth, Los Alamitos
Indian Scribbles, Oak Tree
Justiznow, Thistledown
Kaysheens Smokin Hot, Arapahoe
Pegasus Star, Calder
Amherst Street, Charles Town
Siegfried, Delaware
Heza Streakin Flyer, Delta
Jumpn Streaker, Delta
El Bucanas, Ruidoso
Pauls Gray Dream, Arapahoe
Mr Easy Okie, Emerald
Port Wakefield, Emerald
Beyond Beyond, Grants Pass
Qjuick Sand PW, Oak Tree
Lytle Lake, SunRay
First Down Man, Wyoming
Hot Bride, Parx
Given a Rose, Indiana
Gold ‘n White, Indiana
Wallstreet Royal T, Indiana
Pass the Lake, Charles Town
Ms. Clampett, Delaware
Mississippi Duel, Belmont
Montana Red, Arapahoe
Toomers Oaks, Delta
Win Rich Kiss, Indiana
Let’s Face It, Thistledown
Dunoon, Canterbury
Upkeep, Churchill
Ok Nothanksforaskn, Delaware
Second Down Patriot, Delta
Purdy Kool, Los Alamitos
The Money Room, Monmouth
Star Crossed Lover, Penn
Aly’s Reward, Belterra
Emerald Bracelet, Parx
Dixie Banner, Prairie
Ko Ko Cartel Bjt, Wyoming

78% of the vanned off were either later confirmed dead or have simply disappeared.

Although not reported as vanned, these 14, too, have not resurfaced:
Princess Zaneta, Thistledown, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
I’m Included, Lone Star, “pulled up in heat distress”
Between Dreams, Presque Isle, fell, DNF
Illusions Dream, Delta, bled
Dancingwithbigron, Canterbury, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Agent Boo, Fair Meadows, “pulled up in apparent distress”
Lucky Fred, Fair Meadows, “pulled up in distress”
Wanna Dance, Fair Meadows, “pulled up in apparent distress”
The Canyon Cat, Delta, bled
Dunnam, Prairie, bled
Rick’s Cafe, Penn, “collapsed,” DNF
Reno Star, Thistledown, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Leons Little Girl, Indiana, bled
Familiar Melody, Gulfstream, bled

Equibase reported 7 as died or “euthanized”:
Lobo Del Norte, Parx
X Country Girl, Parx
Gulf of Aden, Parx
J.B.’s Marquis, Louisiana
Ol’ Bob, Louisiana
How Far We’ve Come, Parx
Roses for Romney, Belmont

…and 19 as “broke down” – racing-speak for dead:
Archie’s All Heart, Parx
Der Boss, Pimlico
Sweet Teri K, Belterra
Tebows Big Play, Golden Gate
Stormdefrere, Penn
Nic’s First Rainbow, Ruidoso
Hot Necker, Mountaineer
My Jordy, Presque Isle
Summer Sanctuary, Delaware
Chiffy, Penn
Lake Brilliant, Prairie
Cole Forty Five, Santa Anita
Birthday Wish, Belterra
Shanes Social Cat, Lone Star
Griffin Rock, Parx
Elsaroarin, Finger Lakes
Commandeer, Belterra
Papa Doc, Charles Town
Halos Wild, Lone Star

And finally, 3 others seemingly finished their races without incident yet were later confirmed dead:
Samuels Blond Lady, Belmont
Lemon Sundae, Finger Lakes
Shared Sacrifice, Los Alamitos

Allowing for a handful of “retirements”/rescues, I think it likely that some 130 horses from our June lists are dead. But remember, that’s flat-track, in-competition only – this report does not include harness and training deaths. For context on the latter, though: 43% of NY’s on-track deaths in 2013 came in morning practice. In addition, there were surely other euthanasias not reflected here (“pulled up,” “eased,” “stopped badly,” etc.). In short, I think it reasonable to assert that the NY Times figure of 24 dead a week should be doubled, leaving us with well over 2,000 track-kills annually.

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    • AND, when his number’s don’t add up in that “career” he will be playing nightly , (for only a short time of course) on a dinner plate at a reastaurant, or home far, far away from his once cheering fan’s …

      • Shakin It Up is at Spendthrift farm where Goldencents is. They take great care of their stallions and are open to the public both online and in person. They don’t sell their horses to slaughter.

      • That’s correct, 3fathorses.

        Rachel, don’t you know yet that horses in the racing industry are merely objects to be bought and sold? That when their usefulness and/or earning power decreases, they will simply be sold to the highest bidder? Spendthrift doesn’t “sell their horses to slaughter”, you say?..maybe not directly, but they have no problem unloading them when they don’t want them anymore, now do they.

        Don’t Get Mad – stood for 4 seasons at Spendthrift before he was SOLD to a farm in Louisiana. He was uprooted again and was sent to another breeder in Oklahoma…where he died due to an “accident in the breeding shed”.

        Notional – former Spendthrift stud, SOLD to a breeding farm in Oklahoma.

        Teton Forest – after five years, Spendthrift SOLD him to a Louisiana breeder.

        Tiz Wonderful – this eleven-year-old, a former Spendthrift stallion, has been SOLD to Korea…”We received an offer that we thought was more than fair from the Korean Racing Authority, and acted on it,” said Spendthrift Farm general manager Ned Toffey. Nice.

        Those are just four…four intelligent, sentient, and enslaved horses that are nothing more than objects to be bought and sold if the “offer is more than fair”. No love for the horse, no caring for the horse, no loyalty to the horse…just a means to an end.

        Do they send them off to slaughter?…likely not with their own transport rig, but they certainly strip them of protection thereby opening the door to the slaughter pipeline. Wise up.

  1. Have a look at the huge effort this jockey is making in flogging this horse (see Patrick’s pic)!
    Would like to do the same to this jockey and see how he feels about the PAIN both physically and
    mentally. Ohh, but the industry says the whipping does not inflict pain on the horse and the public
    is supposed to believe that! How stupid do they think the public are?
    Don’t like the looks of all the bandages on that horse either…..? And horse on the rail also seems
    to have similar bandaging on all fours. I know it helps a bit when they’re overtracking and hitting
    themselves but often bandages mask an existing wound. I’ve seen a trainer put a sponge on a horse’s fetlock which had an open wound from previous start, sponge absorbs the bleeding during the race and bandage
    covers it up and no one notices the trickle of blood that escaped on return to the enclosure.

  2. Further, racing has absolutely no regard for the horses. Consider what is happening at Calder in Fl. The crème de la crème of racing, Churchill Downs, home of the fabled Kentucky Derby in the great state of Kentucky that pulls in 4 billion a year from the Thoroughbred industry is kicking about 400 Thoroughbreds out with no consideration that many, many horses have nowhere to go. The property is slated for commercial development and of course much $$$$$.

    Go to and click local news, then scroll to “hundreds of horses evicted…” to watch the report. I truly wonder what the apologists would have to say about this outrageous situation.

    Shame on Churchill Downs and the whole horseracing industry.

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