Still Under the Whip: 11-Year-Old Calculating Jimmy, 12-Year-Old Missing Sefa

It is well-established veterinary fact that horses are not fully mature till around six. Racing, because it would be economically prohibitive to wait (so it’s not going to change), typically begins pounding equine bodies at two – or the rough human equivalent of six. So, add child abuse to horseracing wrongs. But no one has ever accused Racing of age discrimination. At the other end of the spectrum are the middle-agers whose servitude seemingly knows no end:

11-year-old Calculating Jimmy has been on the circuit – these days, exclusively claiming – for almost 8 years now. In all, he has been put to the whip 77 times, and is slated for a 78th this Friday in Tampa. In a racing anomaly, just one person has been responsible for this creature since day one: trainer/owner/breeder Glenn Wismer.

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12-year-old Missing Sefa is two days past her 105th race. Yes, 105th. Anyone care to speculate on the condition of this mare’s joints? Current trainer/owner – and the only person empowered to end this madness – is Jamie Grubbs.


  1. What a shame to be racing a 12 yr. old mare with 105 starts. She will be 13 yrs. old soon and has been at various tracks for almost 11 years ! How much is enough ? Mercy is a word in the dictionary as far as these people are concerned.

  2. I have been trying to advocate for Missing Sefa she is set to run her 109 at Churhill today in the fourth race. War horse? Or a horse one bad step from a broken leg?

  3. I cannot find any contact info for her trainer/owner. Anyone have an email address for Jamie L. Grubbs? Concerns for Missing Sefa are all over twitter.

  4. A TB racehorse rescue organization has now jumped on board in concern over Missing Sefa. But the ironic thing is this…it’s a rescue founded by a racing industry member. They want to raise $7,000 to acquire her – 5K to claim her in her next race and then an additional 2K for transportation, vet and other expenses. Great…go get her…it should have been done before this.

    But now think on this a moment…aren’t we told that these horses are bred to run? That they love to run? That they have a great life as a racehorse?…treated like kings and queens? I’ve also been “informed” that racing/training two-year-olds is good for their skeletal development and running racehorses every week is even better that waiting a month or so between races. And we all know that equines are in their prime between the ages of 8 or 9 to 13 or 14.

    So now try to reconcile what the PRO-RACING organization Remember Me Rescue is declaring concerning the 13-year-old mare, Missing Sefa, with what we’ve been consistently told by racing industry members and supporters;

    – “Missing Sefa is a 13 year old mare who is still racing”……But she’s only 13, so what’s the problem?

    – “She has raced every single year since she was a 2 year old”……But they LOVE to race. It’s GOOD for them to run every week. And racing as a two-year-old builds strong bones. So what’s the problem?

    -“it is time to let her rest and just be a horse for a while”……But she WANTS a job. She lives like a queen. She loves being at the track. And she’s already “just being a horse”…because for racehorses, racing is what they were BRED to do. So what’s the problem?

    We know Missing Sefa needs rescuing. She always has. At the age of two and every day since then. You can’t have it both ways, Remember Me Rescue…bred to race, loves to run, treated like a queen?…or not?

    • Joy, everything you state rings true. So what if Missing Sefa dies in the dirt? If she does, then she will have died doing what she “loves” to do….running around in circles and always to the left!

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