Wallyanna Dead at Gulfstream

It is an unequivocally ominous sign when a horse cannot leave the track under his own power – is “vanned off.” Taken a step further, this space holds that (easily) more than half of those carted away end up euthanized for their injuries.

In the 8th Saturday at Gulfstream, 3-year-old Wallyanna was reported as pulled up-vanned off. But because this was the $75,000 “Tropical Park Derby,” the Daily Racing Form felt obliged to offer an update: Dead. This is horseracing.

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  1. Rest in peace – Wallyanna. Perhaps named for the children of the breeder or owner. He tried, he could not. The brusque finish: Dead. Blessed are the animals. Do these ghouls forget even the most basic of humankind’s mantras? Blessed are the animals.

  2. Since I do Not feel very “Merry” this year, after reading 6 months worth of horses being abused and killed at the racetrack. along with all the other abuse they are subjected to, as well as the Elephants being abused at the circus (another whole story) and killed for their ivory, I will not say Merry Christmas but I will say
    I do hope you all Have a Blessed Christmas for those of you that celebrate Christmas and for those that celebrate Hanukkah I will wish you a Blessed Hanukkah

    I will also pray that this death and this abuse these magnificent horses are going through will end soon.

    Thank you again Patrick for all of your extensive research and work on compiling these horrific stories and stats.

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