The Broken Bodies, 12/15/14-12/21/14

Last week’s U.S. horseracing casualties.

Reported as Dead or “Broke Down” (racing-speak for dead):
Play Maker, Dec 20, Los Alamitos (T) 9
Oh Juliet, Dec 21, Fair Grounds 5

“Vanned Off” – horses who required an ambulance (in crudest sense of the word) to leave course; a better-than-even chance of dead:
Freights Bay, Dec 16, Gulfstream 2
War Classic, Dec 16, Gulfstream 9
Bunuska, Dec 17, Charles Town 4
Jawain, Dec 17, Hawthorne 8
Born to Sail, Dec 17, Laurel 3
Miss Black Ice, Dec 17, Penn 5
Hourly Appointment, Dec 18, Fair Grounds 3
Sarah’s River Girl, Dec 18, Fair Grounds 9
Nevada, Dec 18, Penn 6
Bowman’s Boy, Dec 18, Penn 9
Esther Carl, Dec 19, Delta 8
Warren’s Fantasy, Dec 19, Los Alamitos (T) 1
Wallyanna, Dec 20, Gulfstream 8
Headstart, Dec 20, Hawthorne 9
Hugger of Trees, Dec 20, Laurel 2
Back At You, Dec 20, Los Alamitos (Q) 1
Quatro Eagle, Dec 20, Sunland 2
Cold Cat, Dec 20, Tampa Bay 7
Dragon Dance, Dec 21, Los Alamitos (Q) 3
His Own Beat, Dec 21, Tampa Bay 2

It Is What It Is, Dec 15, Parx 1, “pulled up in distress”
TJ’s Folly, Dec 16, Mahoning 5, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Mississippi Stud, Dec 17, Evangeline 8, “pulled up lame”
Up to Mischief, Dec 19, Charles Town 4, bled
River City Girl, Dec 20, Mahoning 3, “stopped badly”
Ford Nation, Dec 21, Gulfstream 3, “bled while racing”

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  1. 28 broken bodies in one week. that is terrible.

    How many horses are dead that we do not know about because the video has been pulled and no reporter will write about it . how many ?????

    it could be triple the amount that is on this list.

  2. Unnecessary equine suffering and death. All for the entertainment of racing supporters. And for the paychecks of those employed in this gambling industry. And of course, for the gambling fix of the bettors. Horseracing does not need to exist…and no sentient creature should be injured or killed for ANYONE’s entertainment or pocketbook!

    Thank you, Patrick, for acknowledging these horses each week.

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