Video of Horse Crumpling at Laurel

Hugger of Trees, a 4-year-old filly trained and owned by Robert Gamber, crumpled and was vanned off after winning (thanks to some “rousing”) the 2nd yesterday at Laurel. No further details provided. The replay sans celebratory poses (2:00 mark):


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  1. Paulick reports Hugger of trees “was able to get to his feet, walk into a van and leave the racetrack” I wonder what the real outcome is ! Note, he does not even get the gender right !

  2. Patrick,

    Thank you for posting that replay. It is so painful to watch. i do not how anyone in their Right mind with any kind of conscience or connection to their heart could watch this and not be really upset.

      • Surely there is a law against erasing the part of the horse falling in the replay?
        Misleading the public for a start, deceitful act in not disclosing all that happened in the race (non-disclosure) and not being transparent.
        It is a PUBLIC industry not a private organisation and therefore i believe they are accountable to informing the public of the truth.

  3. Patrick,

    there were only 73 views on You Tube of the video at Laurel Park of Hugger of Trees

    PETA Aisa posted a video and undercover investigation of dogs being beaten and Killed for their skin (for leather gloves) last week in China. They said that there were over 2 million views of that video in a few days. It was a horrible video that I am still working on recovering from watching. to see the dogs wagging their tail right before they are beaten to death. Pure Evil.

    2 million views of that video.

    PETA gets 30 million a year I have been told. IF PETA or HSUS would do their job and report on this horse abuse, and send out email alerts with these kinds of videos, racing could get shut down a lot sooner.

  4. I can’t watch the video. The carnage is too much for me to bear. However, I’m sure the racing folks will just babble that “accidents happen” and go their merry way. Sometimes I wonder if those who are so insensitive to the atrocities in horseracing really have lost their ability to connect with these precious horses. One death is too many, in my opinion. Anyone who supports the exploitation of these animals, through their words or actions, is part of the problem. Be part of the solution…don’t bet on the horses that “put their lives on the line” everyday.

    RIP Hugger of Trees. You were just a baby and your life was precious yet you were destroyed so that some damn gambler could place a bet. Sick and disgusting…

  5. Sorry Hugger of Trees i just couldn’t watch it but you’ve gone to a better place. Currently i’m having to look at some footage in relation to my research and it’s not pleasant viewing.
    Couldn’t agree with you more Kathleen re PETA – although they’ve done some good in relation to the racehorses over the years, it is certainly far from being enough, just my opinion.

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