Bunuska Dead at Charles Town

Reported merely as “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Charles Town Wednesday (race 4), 4-year-old Bunuska is in fact dead, euthanized, I have confirmed, at the track. Her trainer was Jeff Runco, her owner, Rockingham Ranch.

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  1. The chestnut filly won her very first race, a 40K MC, in July. In August, her second race, she finished second. Then in October, she had a 12.5K price tag on her head and was claimed. She ran once more in California in November…then she found herself at Charles Town (with another new owner and new trainer) where she ran in her fifth and final race on December 17. Bunuska had three owners in only five months. 5 races, 4 years old, 3 owners, 2 finishes in the top three, 1 DEAD FILLY…that’s Bunuska’s miserable life and death.

    Racing supporters will tell us Bunuska was BRED for this…Bunuska LOVED to do what she was BRED for. I wonder if the person who made a comment just yesterday on a pro-racing blog – commenting how great it was that a particular horse, born with “only two good legs”, was “fixed” and went on to race – would like to submit that same moronic comment here, only about Bunuska, instead…how WONDERFUL that Bunuska, considering her “late” start at racing, was given the opportunity to do what she was “bred” for. I bet, if given the choice, Bunuska would have passed up that “wonderful opportunity” and chosen to live.

    RIP Bunuska.

    • Joy, a better statement would be…Bunuska was bred to make money for her owner. Remember…she was produced by an industry that has little regard for the animal.

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