Frisky Dixie Dead at Charles Town: A “Near Disaster”?

Midway through the 4th race at Charles Town Saturday night, Winningaswespeak fell and began running the wrong way. Seconds later, the filly smashed into another horse, Frisky Dixie. The latter did not survive. With preliminary reports of at least one dead horse, unidentified at the time, the Paulick Report still ran this headline: “NEAR DISASTER AT PENN NATIONAL GAMING’S CHARLES TOWN RACES.” A “near disaster,” apparently, because no humans were seriously harmed. This is horseracing.

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  1. “a Near Disaster”?……. Helloooo…….. IT WAS A DISASTER!
    What more could one expect from these imbeciles.

  2. Ray Paulick’s article was terrible.

    Ray Paulicks heart is seriously shut down to horses.

    He opens his article with “We’re lucky someone didn’t get killed.” A comment by Jockey’s Guild national manager.

    Ray, Someone did get killed. Friskie DIxie.

    Frisky Dixie was euthanized as a result of a shoulder fracture.

    Plus they removed the video of the race.

    “The video of Saturday’s fourth race was removed from the Charles Town website and some other online replay services Sunday afternoon after Penn National officials were asked about the incident.”

    Ray goes on to say:

    “Head-on collisions are rare in racing. One of the worst accidents ever seen, at Prescott Downs on Aug. 26, 2000, nearly killed jockey Stacy Burton, who is now permanently disabled as a result.”

    “The video of Burton’s accident is painful to watch, but racing officials need to see what can happen if they don’t take swift and decisive action to call off a race when a loose horse is running the wrong way. Racetrack managers not willing to invest in potentially live-saving equipment also need to watch this video”

    Prescott Downs video from Aug. 26, 2000

    here is the video

  3. It wasn’t a “near distaster” it was a tragedy! Frisky Dixie’s life was taken for a measly bet. Just because she wasn’t human doesn’t mean that her life didn’t matter. This pretty little filly probably had more heart in her soul than most in the industry will ever have. She lost her life entertaining you at least pay her a little respect when you write about her.

    • Tracy,

      I agree. the lack of respect from Ray Paullick’s article was shocking to me and cold and cruel.

      HIs opening line shows his state of attitude towards horses.

      He opens his article with “We’re lucky someone didn’t get killed.” A comment by Jockey’s Guild national manager.

      Then They hide the video so most people will never know what happened.

  4. Yes Kathleen the words were cold and unemotional. I also read the article by Daily Racing Forum there was nothing in there that showed compassion for their equine athletes.

  5. Night racing in WV at this time of year is outrageous. Of course they don’t care anything about the horses including Ray Paulick.

    • Rose,

      That is a fact about Ray Paulick. He does not really care about the welfare of these horses. If he did, he would tell the truth instead of toting the party line of how wonderful horse racing is and how great different trainers are and what horses are being sold for what amount of money based on races won or bloodlines.

      I posted an email on his blog and told people about the horse racing wrong website and said it had stats on horses getting killed in racing and to check it out. Ray Paulick took my post off !

      Ray obviously does not want his readers knowing the true stats. Some of his readers were really upset by his post on “Near Disaster” when Frisky Dixie died but he did not take their posts down but he does not want people to know about Patrick’s site from his list so he removed my email about horse death stats and my encouragement to come and check out the stats on horses dying on the track.

      I get his blog so I can see what accidents and deaths and drug violations he is reporting and there is next to nothing on the subject of horse deaths except if there is a story about a jockey that has been injured.

      I have made short comments on his blog like asking about horses killed in head on collisions and he does not generally touch my comments but as soon as I mentioned as a place to get stats on horses killed, he deleted my post !

      NIght time racing is really hard on horses. anytime racing is hard but night time has got to be harder.

      There are some incredibly evil people in this business.

      • Patrick,

        Now I understand.

        He has programmed his blog so that if the key words or website horseracing wrongs pops up, the post gets flagged and blocked because usually when I post questions about horses, drugs or accidents they are added right away.

        When I added a post about your website and the fact that there are stats on horses dying and that people should check your website out, it was blocked immediately so I wrote another polite shorter post immediately thanking Ray for the “Near DIsaster” article re: the head on collision and the horse being killed and that was posted immediately with no delay. I did that on purpose to see what happened when I did not mention your website name.

        I agree that Ray is No friend to horses.

        I get his posts emailed to me to get stats on trainers being suspended for drugs, race venues closings, accidents, jockey injury or deaths, (which means the horse was probably hurt or killed as well) and then he does post stories from someone else about horses who have been retired from racing that are still alive so it is good to collect the few stories he posts where owners are giving their horses a better home after racing and it is good to know that they are not being sent to the slaughter house.

        What a cruel evil “sport”. I am trying to think of another word for horse racing because it is Not a “sport”.

        When horses are being forced to run for their life and are killed when their bodies cannot take it anymore from the drugs and from the abuse on their bodies or they are sent to be murdered when they do not run fast enough.

        Not sure what to call horse racing other than cruel and evil and barbaric.

      • Patrick,

        Still on the subject of horses.

        I bought a 2015 Calendar called “The Spirited Horse”

        on the cover it says

        “When God created the horse, He said to the magnificent creature: I have made thee as no other.”
        Arabian Proverb

        Each month has a different saying. I love the quotes and the photos are beautiful but some of the photos look like paintings. of all the calendars i looked at it had the best photos i saw but i would like a second calendar for a different room

        Does anyone on this list know a good source for calendars with photos of beautiful horses . some of the photos on this calendar look like paintings with painted backgrounds and i did not want paintings. I want real horses with natural backgrounds.

    • Ya – for sure Rose and the vets in West Virginia are horrible.
      A few low end trainers from Ontario here – send tb into wv barns

  6. I consider it an honor to be banned from the Paulick Report. These people do not want to hear the truth or deal with reality !

    • Ray does not want to hear it on his blog because he already knows the truth and is lying about it to make money but I would like his readers to know the truth and many of them do not so i was troubled to see that on his blog he bans free speech when he thinks it will hurt his credibility.

      This website about horse racing wrongs would hurt his credibility because many people would become upset with him for hiding the truth and he would lose subscribers and followers and that could hurt him financially and that is what he is afraid of. it is clear from his posts that he cares about money and about having access to these trainers and horses so he can get his stories posted in the racing world and not about the horses welfare…

    • Rose, yes, it is an honor to be banned from the Paulick Report. Paulick knows about the atrocities in horseracing, but he makes his living in an industry that exploits horses. He isn’t going to speak out against racing to any great extent. Racing pays his bills. He reminds me of so many others who privately bash racing but publicly support it. Hypocritical, in my opinion…

  7. Thank you so much Patrick for the magnificent job you are doing for these racehorses.
    As the old saying goes – evil will prevail if good men do nothing.

  8. Zero pity for the people who put these animals in risk.She is responsible for the death of the horse. Can’t wait till this shot stops. No sympathy for poorrrr poorr stacey. NOT!

  9. shit stops i mean of course. Shame on all who partake in the exploitation of animals.Rest in peace innocent one.

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