From “Finished With Good Energy” to Dead

As I often remind, my casualty/kill lists are incomplete – not through lack of effort, but because Racing ensures that some (many) fall through the cracks, disappear. Witness 5-year-old Threetimes a Saint’s line from yesterday’s 2nd at Finger Lakes:

“THREETIMES A SAINT was unhurried along the rail, gained inside on the turn, responded and finished with good energy.” Place, $1,800. Seemingly, at least according to industry journal Equibase, no issues – actually, a rather fine outing.

And that’s just where it would have stood – with no one the wiser – had this race occurred in any other state. But owing to NY’s only-one-in-the-nation database, we now know that Threetimes a Saint, who was being raced for the third time this month, snapped a sesamoid and was euthanized. He becomes trainer Michael S. Ferraro’s 3rd dead horse in NY since July (Michonne, The Lucky Dream) and Finger Lakes’ 32nd since April. This is horseracing.

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  1. Trainer Michael S. Ferraro’s 3rd dead horse in NY since July (Michonne, The Lucky Dream) and Finger Lakes’ 32nd since April. That is appalling.

    This trainer should be investigated and every other trainer that has killed a horse on the race track should be investigated and prosecuted.

    No horse should be dying on the racetrack.

  2. Any horse that dies on a race track should have an autopsy

    I think that all of these trainers giving these horses drugs should be fined and suspended for life from racing.

    Indiana: Commission Recommends Three-Year Suspension, Fine for Trainer Norris

    According to the Blood-Horse, the racing commission ruling detailed five incidents from May 28 through June 20, of horses under Norris’ care that tested positive for hydrocortisone succinate (Cortisol). The LGC Science lab report stated that the levels of the drug indicated that it had been administered to the horses on race day.

    Hydrocortisone succinate is a Class 4 substance on the Association of Racing Commissioners’ Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances, and would usually be of minimal concern. However, the harsher penalties were recommended due to the medication being administered on race day. Other than furosemide, Indiana strictly prohibits the administration of all substances 24 hours before a race.

  3. I hope this includes testing every horse if they are vanned off or if they die on the track.

    The New York State Gaming Commission approved major new drug rules that will go into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

    According to a report in the Blood-Horse, it is the most extensive set of changes in over 30 years in New York. The comprehensive changes will provide a more “certain threshold for allowable amounts of medication from two dozen different drugs in Thoroughbreds prior to running in a race.”

  4. From the tone and words in this report, Ray Paulick does not seem to care about the dangerous drugs killing these horses or even the welfare of horses. HIs attitude is very condescending to those who want to stop Lasix on race day.

    “As everyone in our industry is aware,” the Florida HBPA endorsement reads, “the hot button issue of the moment is race day medication. More specifically Lasix. It is the opinion of our Board that the overwhelming majority of horsemen and equine veterinarians around the country support the controlled administration of race day Lasix. … On this issue and many others, the Florida horsemen and Rick Violette and his incumbent NYTHA directors are in full agreement.”

    “This election boils down to opinions about race day medications, particularly the use of Lasix on race days,” Morris wrote on behalf of the TOC board of directors in a letter that was retracted. “One of the candidates (it did not mention Finley by name) believes, as The Jockey Club does, that Lasix should be eliminated from race day and that the federal government should be asked to regulate all medications administered to our horses.”

  5. While horses are dying at the race track and being forced to run for their life,
    Racing Fans Spend Thanksgiving Trackside

    they served 7,000 meals at Churchhill Downs

    I am praying these people will Wake Up ! to the suffering of these Magnificent Horses and stop endorsing this cruelty.

  6. I wonder how many horses have died or been injured at this track with their subpar conditions ??

    The track has been open since 1872.

    The nation’s third-oldest thoroughbred track behind Saratoga (1864) and Pimlico (1870), the Fair Grounds has “soft” opened its meet in mid-November in recent years but Thanksgiving remains the official opening day in the minds of most New Orleanians.

    The Fair Grounds, and its parent company, Churchill Downs Inc., have been dogged by bad publicity and poor turnout at the tote machines for several years. Racing fans, owners and trainers all admitted their reservations coming into this season.

    The 2013-2014 racing season was a difficult one for Fair Grounds racing officials, who came under fire from Louisiana legislators, horsemen and racing commissioners for the subpar conditions and racing product at the storied track.

    Thanksgiving racing has been a tradition at Fair Grounds Race Course since the track opened in 1872.

  7. This incident reminds me of “Flashy Dame,” who won her race at Golden Gate a few weeks ago. She finished strongly, “took a bad step” and was euthanized. If I recall correctly, Patrick discovered she had been killed after her win. There was nothing on her PPs and nothing was said on the horse race t.v. station.

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