“Heart Attack” Fells 5-Year-Old

5-year-old Igotitdad was reported as vanned off after finishing “evenly” in a race at Gulfstream West on November 8th. Coupled with a middle-of-the-pack result, this didn’t seem overly ominous. And that’s where it would have stayed if not for a single sentence in the Sun-Sentinel: “Igotitdad suffered a heart attack after finishing and was humanely euthanized on the track.” The “van,” as it turns out, was carrying but a corpse. Further proof – as if more were needed – that Racing rests on deceit.

Igotitdad’s last three starts prior to dying (all under trainer Bernardo Campos):

Sep 12th, 7th of 8, 16 3/4 lengths back
Oct 9th, 11th of 12, 32 lengths back
Oct 16th, last of 8, 16 1/2 lengths back

Fading, fading, fading – gone.

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  1. Racehorses are slaves exploited for the horse racing industry whose disposable mentality is witnessed on a daily basis all over racetracks in North America. Racehorses are breaking down, and dying every day. While their sore, and tired they get beaten by a whip in the stretch. It’s nothing short of a cruelty circus and that’s why I say #stophorseracing

  2. Where is the nacropsy report on the organs, muscle and blood physiology? Its time, each horse dead in this “game” is placed under protective custody and autopsied by INDEPENDENT examiners. It is time.

  3. Patrick, Are you aware of the report that 32 horses died in a barn fire (Chicago) over the weekend? Happy Vegan holiday. Wayne

  4. Yes, Patrick…racing rests on deceit. The industry does its BEST to hide the broken and the dead. I truly believe they do a damn good job of it, too. I am CERTAIN there are many, many more deaths that we are unaware of.

    Racing apologists!…Igotitdad’s death…just “one of those things”? A 5-year-old equine, so the equivalent of a young teen, dies of a myocardial infarction?…an MI not induced by the side effects of drugs?…a congenital defect that didn’t show up until he was five? BULL S***. And to add insult to injury, he died ENTERTAINING YOU. Reconcile that, supporters of this gambling industry.

  5. I agree .

    That each horse that dies in this horrible “game” should be placed under protective custody and autopsied by INDEPENDENT examiners.

    Those that are responsible for killing them should then be thrown in jail.

    #stophorseracing. #horseracingkills

  6. Horses do not have “heart attacks”. Horses do not suffer from coronary artery disease. And then it is reported he was euthanized ! He may have had a fatal cardiac arrhythmia but the cause was not because of a blockage in a coronary artery. But what really makes no sense at all is the report saying he was euthanized.

    The horse would have died pretty quickly from a serious cardiac event and there would not have been time to euthanize. Certain drugs and an electrolyte imbalance could trigger heart arrhythmia where the heart beats erratically resulting in a severe lack of blood being pumped to vital organs. This would result in a collapse and a quick death.

    These people are not telling the truth. What a surprise !!

    • Agreed Rose and never have i come across a horse having a “heart attack” and then being euthanased?

      A five year old gelding
      Collapsed and died in the enclosure just after the race. Cause of death stated as “exercise induced cardiovascular failure which permitted pulmonary haemorrhage into the lungs and trachea”. (23 starts)

      A five year old gelding
      Cause of death stated as “exercise induced heart failure”. (43 starts)

      A three year old filly
      “died due to acute cardio respiratory failure and severe pulmonary haemorrhage, most likely as a result of exercise induced cardiovascular failure”. (it was her 4th start)

      “Exercise induced” in the above contexts mean THE STRESS OF HORSERACING!

      In my view, the racing industry cannot deny this fact.

      The death of the Japanese horse, Admire Rakti, in the Melbourne Cup is a classic example.
      They’re shifting away from a heart attack and now looking at, wait for it, “natural causes”.

      Corruption runs deep, Gina – couldn’t agree with you more.

  7. A very important point has been brought up on this post: INDEPENDENT necropsy. The key word here is “INDEPENDENT.” The horse racing industry self-regulates and gets away with murder. The Racing Commissions are supposed to be “NEUTRAL” protecting both the wagering public, and the health and welfare of the racehorse.” I can tell you from direct experience the Racing Commissions are smoke and mirrors, are RARELY NEUTRAL,, abuse their power for personal gain including owning horses under “HIDDEN OWNERSHIP” which is easy for them to do. Or, they belong to syndicates which are controlling vast amounts of Racing Stock all over North America. Just think about these implications. If what I’m suggesting is true, then it easily explains why horses are being allowed to enter and run when they shouldn’t be based on their PP’s because if any member on the Racing Commissions owns a horse then they can abuse their power and put it through to run. They also control the drug tests from the point of collection to the paper results. Just think about how easy it would be for members in Racing Commissions to control the outcome of races. If true, then their ability to cover-up necropsy results would be easily accomplished. From what I witnessed and, experienced, after spending years (too many) on the backstretch Training horses there is no doubt in my mind that this is. going on with virtually no oversight and the racehorses are paying the price. Just look at WHO is in charge in the Racing Commissions? Ex-jockeys, and Lawyers in California. I know of some incidents where necropsies were not released, and who really speaks out? The horse certainly can’t. I’m suggesting that corruption runs deep with little or no oversight protecting the racehorse.

  8. Gina you are right. The corruption is pervasive. The only way chance for independent necropsies would be by a mandate from a source outside the industry and that would cost money. Unfortunately, the political system, just like the racing industry, is run on money and power. It seems nobody will touch this business and meanwhile the horses suffer and die.

  9. Carolyn, as you know, “exercise induced heart failure” is a smoke screen. It is vague and is certainly not getting to the true cause of death. In other words, what caused the heart to fail ? Was it because of some congenital heart anomaly or were there drugs on board ? Was the horse pushed to the point of severe pulmonary hemorrhage causing the animal to drown in it’s own blood ? All of these causes would be evident on necropsy and blood tests. The only cause that would come anywhere close to “natural cause” would the congenital anomaly. And even then, pushing the horse to the limit of exercise ability and beyond is more the cause of death.

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