Dead: Surviving Kandy, Mr. Franco, Demo

Surviving Kandy, an unraced 2-year-old colt, fractured a shoulder while training at Golden Gate Sunday and was subsequently euthanized. Trainer, Vod Farris. Just five days prior at that same track, 3-year-old Mr. Franco (two career starts: last, second-to-last) got loose during training, “ran back to barn and slipped on pavement – lacerated right stifle and fractured tibia.” Dead. Trainer, Salvador Naranjo.

Meanwhile, November 7th on the other coast, 3-year-old Demo was “found dead in [his] stall” at Finger Lakes. Apparently, the Ralph D’Alessandro-trained gelding was “being treated by vet for two weeks” before dying – alone. Of course, “investigation continues.” Back in May, another D’Alessandro horse, Just Mizzy, was “observed having seizure like symptoms, drugs [were] administered…in attempt to treat, but [she] died.” To date, 31 horses have perished at Finger Lakes this year.

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  1. Surviving Kandy…the TRAGIC irony of that name. Wasn’t there another Vod Farris dead horse recently? A fractured shoulder – very strange unless “blunt trauma” with great force.
    So much more I want to say, only to honor these horses that died in an industry that is totally unnecessary…for now, I’m so sorry for the suffering and deaths of these three non-consenting sentient creatures…SO unnecessary. Tragic.

  2. Heartbreaking about Surviving Kandy. Does anyone know his pedigree? I’ve been looking for initforthekandy’s colt. She died giving birth to him. He was moved from farm to farm in KY. I was hoping to find him and keep him from racing.

  3. Surviving Kandy was only 2 years old. He didn’t even get a chance at life yet and they already broke him. Mr. Franco the courageous 3 year old probably had enough of the abuse and mistreatment and just wanted out. I give him props for running away. And Demo the poor baby was alone when he passed. It’s sad to think that no one was there to comfort him and love on him.
    When will these people open their eyes and realize that this is morally wrong? I’m pretty sure that these beautiful animals weren’t created so that we could use and abuse them.

  4. Joy you have no idea what you are taking about with Kandy. Guidopanzini was the horse you are referring too and he was in Lenzinis barn for several months before his death. Not ours. Kandy was a horrible tragic death and we are grieving it deeply. You can say what you want but you’ve never met us or seen our horses.

    • Well then why don’t you tell us, Alexis, since all I said about Surviving Kandy is that suffering a fractured shoulder is very strange as they are unusual. In addition, what we DO know is that he was a 2-year-old immature BABY…in race training…and now he’s dead. Shoulder fractures are rare due to bone configuration and heavy musculature in that area. And when they do occur, it is usually the result of running with full force into a fixed object or because of a fall. As far as poor Guidopanzini, on the original post about his death you commented “[he] was very loved”…yet you put a price tag on his head? You offered him up on April 27 and he was dead on July 5. I don’t have to meet you nor do I need to see your horses to know that this is a business to you and your horses are a means to an end.

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