Pete Dead at Finger Lakes

A week ago yesterday (a delay because the Gaming Commission had it listed wrong), 3-year-old Pete broke down during morning practice at Finger Lakes and was euthanized. In the last five weeks of his young life, Pete was raced four times under three different trainer/owner teams:

Oct 4th, Suffolk Downs (its final day), Wayne Marcoux/Ken Posco – last of 11
Oct 16th, Finger Lakes, Nancy McCabe/Laurel Least – last of 8
Oct 23rd, Finger Lakes, Nancy McCabe/Laurel Least – 6th of 8
Nov 4th, Finger Lakes, Rafael Rohena/Ramiro Restrepo – 4th of 6

Just another cheap (easily) movable asset broken and killed.

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  1. This makes me sick. What constant anxiety this baby endured. Passed around. Nothing ever the same. Clearly should not have been thrown out on the track, risking his young, tragic life every single time. Shame on every person who crossed paths with Pete during the last couple of months of his life…at Suffolk Downs (thank GOD that lousy track is dead) and at FL. Every single one of you who saw what was being done to Pete, and did nothing to help him, shame on YOU. He meant nothing to every one of you who supports this industry. He does to those of us who demand the killing stops.

    • Joy Aten your right, these people who ran Pete to the ground showed him no mercy. His life was tragically taken away from him because our society thinks that doping horses and forcing them to run is a “sport.” Its ridiculous. This whole industry should stop what they’re doing and take a step back and walk a mile in the horse’s shoes. If you wouldn’t work yourself to the bone then don’t do it to your horse.

      • Tracey, what you said is SO TRUE!…these people work their horses to death (literally) and then take the money earned from those horses’ labors!! What is there in racing that benefits the HORSE?…not a thing. It’s all about the selfish desires of the human, and the welfare of the horse is of the lowest priority.

  2. Well said Joy. Yet another victim of the cruel, and inhumane horse racing industry. If they don’t die on the track, they may die at the slaughterhouse. This is horse racing. This industry is nothing more than a factory farm whose disposable commodities are racehorses. That’s why I say #stophorseracing.

  3. Almost screamed today when I heard someone on television say how much she enjoyed horse racing…..I just can’t believe that people know that so many of these precious animals are abused/tormented/killed on a daily basis. I know the owners, trainers, and jockeys don’t seem to mind very much, or they’d make sure the information got out there. The racing commission or whoever sets the rules/regulations must not mind either. We have got to keep getting the information out there, so that killings will stop.

    • Agree, georgiegirl10…if you’re uninformed, it’s forgivable. But once all of the (unnecessary) deaths on the track, the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs, the forced running with injuries, and the slaughterhouse-disposal-system used by the industry are known (to mention just several of the wrongs), then there is no excuse. Then it is simply a blatant choice to pick your own “entertainment” and/or job in direct disregard to the welfare of these amazing, sentient creatures. No excuse.

      • What morons those horseracing supporters are! How can they do this to an innocent animal??

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