Santa Baby Dead at Yonkers

3-year-old Santa Baby is dead after breaking down in the 9th Sunday at Yonkers. The Jordan Hope-trained filly was being raced for a piece of a $16,000 racino-jacked purse. She is the 8th NY Standardbred killed in action this year, and 13th overall to die at one of the state’s seven harness tracks.

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  1. I am ANGRY! How the F does a harness horse Break Down? OK …. I am on overload right now. And the OLD, uncared for carriage horses? For every uncared for horse who drops dead? May the owner & trainer drop dead! End of MY RANT!

  2. You want each trainer/owner or every horse that breaks down on a track to drop dead? That is an awful wish – what kind of person says that? I love animals – but a human life is greater than an animal life every time.

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