Horseracing’s Broken Bodies, 11/10/14-11/16/14

Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of dead.

Broke Down:
Chappstick, Nov 11, Zia 3
Knockher Off, Nov 12, Aqueduct 5
Lies N Disguise, Nov 13, Evangeline 2
Midnight Music, Nov 14, Laurel 6
Ernie Owl, Nov 15, Los Alamitos 5

Vanned Off:
My Four Rewards, Nov 10, Aqueduct 9
Diamond Mike, Nov 10, Zia 8
Hot Java, Nov 11, Mountaineer 3
Twice Perfect, Nov 11, Turf 4
Alia’s Diamond, Nov 12, Charles Town 4
Reinvested, Nov 12, Hawthorne 8
Two Scotch Blues, Nov 12, Turf 5
In Kelly’s Defense, Nov 13, Aqueduct 3
Flamin Hot Mama, Nov 13, Golden Gate 5
Gonna Be Purrfect, Nov 15, Charles Town 5
Drivin Miss Ellie, Nov 15, Churchill 3
Hazelnut Expresso, Nov 15, Parx 9
Reachfortheclouds, Nov 16, Churchill 8
Tsunami of Love, Nov 16, Gulfstream W 4
Mar Vista, Nov 16, Los Alamitos 1
Covert Reward, Nov 16, Los Alamitos 3
Melissas Good Boy, Nov 16, Thistledown 3

Frankie’s Bad Boy, Nov 10, Mountaineer 2, “stopped badly”
Alshujaa, Nov 12, Churchill 3, bled
Chuck Chuck Goose, Nov 13, Remington 6, fell, DNF
Miners Quest, Nov 14, Laurel 6, fell, DNF
Talk Show Man, Nov 15, Laurel 6, fell, DNF
Emperor’s Tune, Nov 16, Gulfstream W 1, fell, DNF
Oxidienne, Nov 16, Gulfstream W 2, “stopped badly”
Sharkbait Ooh Haha, Nov 16, Gulfstream W 5, “stopped badly”
Facundo, Nov 16, Gulfstream W 7, “stopped badly”
Excellent King, Nov 16, Gulfstream W 10, “stopped badly”


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  1. I pray that the horse dying at the race track will Rest In Peace.

    Here is an article talking about horses in movies.

    The title is “They shoot horses, don’t they?: War Horse and the foals on film”

    Tragically , they are shooting horses in the head and hitting them with stun guns and and killing them in large numbers while they are still alive in Mexico and Canada and Russia and China. It is so evil what they are doing to these magnificent horses.

  2. Don’t know who the horse is in the picture and as nearly always in these circumstances the jockeys never display any compassion for the animal. I’ve seen jockeys being picked up in a car after a horse death and laughing and joking with the driver.
    Looking at this horse’s bandaging of its hind legs tells me that he highly likely had fetlock problems.
    I always query the bandaging especially this type in this pic because it appears to be covering up a problem. Some horses are bandaged in an appropriate manner to prevent them causing further damage to their bumpers when they hit the ground. This pic reminds me of a horse that post race trainer was removing the bandages and on both fetlocks the skin was red raw with blood coming away and wounds about the size of golfballs.
    By the time i found a vet, horse had gone so i reported it and said that horse must not race until it has completely healed. Two weeks later same horse raced and unfortunately i got there after the race but was able to witness it being hosed down and the young uneducated strapper put the hose right on the fetlock wounds which were smaller in size but still raw. Poor horse was jumping around because this was a big powerful hose and the force would’ve caused it pain. By the time i found a vet he said absolutely nothing and ignored me. Ahh yes, this is how much the racing industry LOVES AND CARES for its horses.

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