Video of Lies N Disguise Dying at Evangeline

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Lies N Disguise was euthanized after breaking down last night at Evangeline. In four career starts beginning in June – all under trainer Francis Melancon and owner Chase Melancon – the filly finished last of 8 (36 1/2 lengths back), last of 8 (18 lengths back), 5th of 7, and dead.

Watch her die (hit “Replays,” Nov 13, race 2).

At about :55, the track announcer says, “Lies N Disguise has gone down!” Toward the end, he reassures, “We are very pleased to report that jockey Zacharie Kelsey has walked off the racetrack under his own power.” This is horseracing.

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  1. “Gone down.” Those are the words the used. They do not begin to describe what really happened to this horse.

    No mention of how tragic it was that this horse died on the track. Another horrible case of being used, abused and ending up dead.

  2. Patrick,

    I am glad that they could not erase this part of the video which have they done in so many other cases.
    Thank you for including the video.

    LIes N Disguise May she rest in Peace.

    that is what this industry is filled with. LIes, lies and more lies. Terrible name for a horse. You cannot truly love a horse and treat them this way yet so many owners say they love their horses.

  3. You could easily tell something was going wrong many strides before she fell and the jockey made no attempt to pull her up. Disgraceful!

    • Just to say Christy that when a horse suffers a limb injury when racing it is extremely difficult to pull it up. With all of the limb injuries resulting in death that i’ve witnessed it usually takes 200m to 400m before horse comes to a standstill and this is because the horse is going at such a momentum galloping, it has no brakes. In this instance i don’t know if it was a limb injury. If it was a bleed, fractured pelvis, etc. it can also still take time to pull it up. Needless to say the horse is in excruciating pain and being a prey animal cannot display its agony.
      A dog would yelp in pain. I saw a horse suffer a severe bleed in the middle of a race and he somersaulted before he died on the spot. Lies ‘n Disguise might’ve suffered a limb stress fracture but jockey cannot immediately pull it up and this is the very sad thing about this because horse cannot stop and the stress fracture may well have worsened.
      After the winning post a horse takes at least 300m to 400m to slow down. I’ve seen a jockey not pull up a horse after the winning post until horse had done 600m bringing it down correctly. I’ve seen a senior whip happy jockey pull up a horse suddenly just 100m after the post – poor horse’s mouth and his legs went all funny but i was able to have a go at this jockey and told him in no uncertain terms what i thought of him.

  4. I couldn’t watch it. These race callers never cease to amaze me with what they state when a horse goes down.
    Ah yes, focus on the jockey he walked off the racetrack under his own power…… to hell with the dying animal!

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