Video of Chappstick Breaking Down at Zia

3-year-old QuarterHorse Chappstick broke down (and can be presumed dead) Tuesday afternoon at Zia Park. Follows is the video from that race. Watch as the whipped Chappstick crumples then flips – repeatedly – on the dirt (around :30 mark). (hit Nov 11, race 3)

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  1. I pity any AQHA horse these days. Never have witnessed such abject arrogance and disrespect for their horses as the latest quarter horse crowd. The AQHA is the largest lobbying group for horse slaughter in the US. They are such nice horses, it breaks my heart to see what the breeding/showing/racing industry has done to them.

    • Yes, I agree. The AQHA does not have the welfare of the horse as an objective, period. The AQHA is all about money, power and ego. They want horse slaughter as a disposal for the horse so the overbreeding can continue. That way, they can make their money through lots of registration and membership fees. They make rules but none to protect the horse. And they lobby, big time, for slaughter. Nice organization !!

  2. I am in complete agreement, Zig Pope. The QH is often called “America’s horse”…yet many Americans treat them like yesterday’s trash. Heartbreaking and infuriating. These sweet-natured horses are nothing more than machines to those who exploit them in the racing industry and within the QH show world. Then thousands upon thousands are butchered. Makes. Me. Sick.

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