Knockher Off Collapses and Dies at Aqueduct

4-year-old Knockher Off “fell heavily to the track shortly after the finish [of yesterday’s 5th at Aqueduct] and was reported to have expired from neck trauma.” Dead in the dirt. On a more positive note, the gelding placed, winning over $13,000 for connections James Jerkens and Chester/Mary Broman.

What does NYRA think of its “athletes”? In the replay (hit “Race Replays,” Nov 12, race 5) there is no visual of Knockher Off collapsing; more telling, the track announcer utters not a single word on the dying horse. Not one. Yet he narrates festivities in the Winner’s Circle. Racing’s moral bankruptcy on full display, yet again.

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  1. So sick of their abuse. First of all, Knockher Off seems to me a mob named horse. And don’t kid yourself folks. Many are banned but many still weasel their way in there. Then to not even acknowledge this death? I could vomit right now but I won’t give the NYRA the satisfaction. TY Horseracingwrongs for letting us know what’s up! I always post you on FB

  2. There are many things that bother me about the way all these lovely horses are treated (or mistreated), but to treat them like so much garbage is high on my list.

  3. Morality has been missing from racing for a long time. Thank you, Patrick, for reminding us who the real heros are – the horses – who put their lives on the line everyday for the entertainment of those who lack a moral compass.

  4. They ARE the Heroes Mary & you are right. But once we call them that, it becomes sport again for the filthy rich, as was with gladiators. Gladiators were victims of horrible abuse, as are the horses. VICTIMS

  5. On a lighter note, is anyone else freezing? Are your neighbors pets outside? Or even family members pets? Passion knows no bounds, so let’s protect all the innocents with no voice :)

  6. Horse Racing is a cesspool of doping, cheating, injuries, dumping, Death, Kill Auctions, Slaughterhouse.. It’s a horrific display of exploitation of a living, breathing being, and that’s why I say #stophorseracing.

  7. WHO names a horse KNOCK HER OFF?!?…oh well of course, we ARE talking about a gambling industry, here.

    Disgusting industry, disgusting industry members. This youngster gave his ALL, including his LIFE…for WHAT? So the racing supporters can be entertained. So the gamblers can get their fix. So the Bromans and Mr. Jerkens can line their pocketbooks with the earnings of HIS labors…not even their own!! How do these people sleep at night…

    • Now, now, Joy, these racing supporters sleep like babies. By the way, one of the racing supporters, Ms. Kristen Neiding, calls us “morons” and says we are only interested in spreading our propaganda. Of course, the girl is a bit slow because she doesn’t even realize that the racing industry is a mean, lean, marketing machine! Anyone with minimal intelligence knows that the majority of racing isn’t about the frilly hats, exotic drinks, designer outfits and brilliant smiles. The advertising, leading up to the Breeder’s Cup, did NOT include any depiction of the carnage that occurs on tracks throughout the country. Why is that? Could it be that racing is only interested in spreading its propaganda? LOL! Well, we should ALL know by now that the racing industry doesn’t want the general public to know about the atrocities that occur behind closed doors because it would give racing a bad name and revenues would decline. The supporters don’t want to see that happen! By the way, Ms. Neiding also seems to think that we have a “remarkable amount of time” on our hands since we sit in front of the computer and argue with her. Really? Doesn’t this girl know that many of us have iPhones, as well as iPads, that keep us connected the majority of the time? However, true to form, Ms. Neiding doesn’t have any trouble calling us names! I guess that is because she is on a “higher moral ground”! Yeah, right!

      Patrick reports the breakdowns as they are reported by Equibase. If the racing apologists have an issue with reporting the FACTS, then they should take that up with Equibase. Patrick gives these horses a “name” because, without him, very few would even know that the horses died in the dirt. Certainly, Neiding, and her colleagues, would want the horses that “put their lives on the line every day” to be remembered. Therefore, you would think someone who “loves” racing so much would want to remember those horses that gave their lives so that she could enjoy a fun filled day at the track. One would think…

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