Alison’s Wyn Dead at Finger Lakes

The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed the death of 5-year-old Alison’s Wyn at Finger Lakes – cause undisclosed. The old/young mare had been whip-raced 29 times, the last time in August. This is trainer James Acquilano’s 3rd dead horse at FL in the last two months, and 12th at that track since 2009. This is horseracing.

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  1. The loss of THREE FAMILY MEMBERS in only two MONTHS, Mr. Acquilano? You must be devastated…

    • Your assuming he’s devastated. Therefore, I’ll assume he’s not devastated. While these horse torturers are allowed to continue this cruelty to animals under the guise of horse racing is beyond belief. From doping, to needles, from Trainers with Multiple Drug Violations to high rate if injuries and breakdowns. Oh, forgot to mention Kill Auctions and slaughterhouses? No, anybody who supports this industry in any way must be heartless and cruel or deaf, dumb, and blind. So to suggest that he considers his horses “family members,” is to suggest that horse racing. isn’t cruelty to animals. At least that’s the way I look at it.

      • Gina…you don’t know me well enough yet…my remark about his “devastation” was sarcasm. I get SO TIRED of reading, when a horse breaks down and dies, that the connections are devastated over the death. They’ll go on and exclaim that their horses are “just like their family members”. BS…what person would actually tolerate three of their “family members'” deaths in a matter of weeks and NOT get the hell out the “sport” that was responsible? Not one with half a brain…

  2. Sorry Joy. Sometimes I’m a door knob and this is one instance. I got mixed-up. I know you so I don’t know why I misinderstood your sarcasm. Well at least we are both on the same page just different words.

  3. I just continue to be amazed how this carnage and unquestionable animal abuse continues day after day. These people in the business are getting away with “murder” day after day because of inertia on the part of society and the total corruption within this gambling business.

  4. A pro racing site is showcasing a story about a Thoroughbred called Big City Silver who failed to bring a bid at the Camelot auction. He was “saved” as he was being loaded on to the kill buyers trailer. The price was a paltry $100.00 because the horse was in bad shape, bone thin and covered in ? rain rot. The account is an attempt at a “feel good” story but it is unquestionably a chance in a million occurrence. It made me picture the scene as numerous others are loaded on to these trucks day after day.
    Those who support and promote racing have some nerve using these isolated “happy ending” stories when the vast majority of racehorses are subjected to a cruel unnatural life and then end their days in a slaughterhouse.
    Further, it was no thanks to anyone in racing that this horse got a last minute reprieve.

    • I saw the same story, Rose…one of Roytz’s, she who also keeps her blinders and rose-colored glasses firmly in place.
      So the colt’s connections receive kudos because they retired him…there’s more to say about that, but just one thing right now…why is such praise awarded for simply doing what is expected and the right thing to do? But the real issue in this story that’s meant to showcase the great things that those in the industry do for their “athletes” is this…Big City Silver was NOT carefully and thoughtfully placed, NOR was he followed up on by his racing trainer and/or owner – the man/men who received praise for letting him move from racing to a new career. For the colt to be found in such horrific condition, at the KB-attended auction, plenty of time had passed during which this racing connection would have been able to intervene. And now, this man has the audacity to request the horse remains intact?!?! This “feel-good” story has the same glaring facts that if simply acknowledged, tell the REAL story.
      Big City Silver, you are one fortunate horse and I’m thrilled you didn’t take the tortuous trip to the slaughterhouse and suffer the unspeakable death there. But your salvation had nothing to do with the sloppy actions of your former racing connections. You never crossed their minds once you left their barn.

  5. The site is Ray Pauluck News, and I saw the story. The site is sponsored by pro-racing people and companies. Everything you say is true. In their feeble attempt to portray horse racing as good, it exposes just how horrific this business is. Not one person from the industry that made money off this racehorse was anywhere to be found and that’s the sad truth for most racehorses. They are disposed of.

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